We all have those people in our lives who are impossible to buy gifts for. No matter how long you search Amazon or roam the aisles of Marshall's, nothing in particular stands out. It may seem like no matter what you get them, they won't really love it. But everyone has a favorite food. When in you're doubt, think of the food that makes your friend, significant other, or brother the most excited.

Here's a gift guide for anyone who has an iconic favorite food. Click each item below to see where it can be purchased.



Taco Scented Candle

Have you ever loved tacos so much that want your entire house to smell like them? Yea, me neither, but the taco lover in your life might. Get this taco scented candle from Etsy for $8.50.

Taco holder

If you're looking for a more practical gift, this taco holder is perfect for the frequent taco eater in your life. This will keep all your taco toppings in one place and make your plate presentation look exquisite. You can buy one taco holder for only $1.74.



Pizza Bandaids

Some may say that pizza can solve all your problems. In this case, they'd be right. These pizza band aids will literally heal your wounds. Buy these band aids so everyone knows how dedicated you are to pizza. One pack of bandages is $4.95 and free shipping with Amazon Prime.

Pizza Necklace 

Another way to show pizza pride is to wear it around your neck. These pizza necklaces come in silver, gold and rose gold. For $16, you can make a pizza lover very happy.

Mac and Cheese 

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Julia Gilman

Personalized Spoon

You know you're legit when you own a personalized spoon for the sole purpose of eating Mac and Cheese. Anyone who calls themselves a Mac and Cheese lover needs this spoon in their life. One spoon will set you back $19, but lets be real, it's worth it.

Mac and Cheese Socks

You know how Mac and Cheese makes you feel warm and cozy? Take it to the next level by gifting these socks to keep your Mac and Cheese fanatic's tummy and feet toasty. One pair of these socks is $7.99.



Burrito blanket

Become one with your burrito by wrapping yourself in this tortilla blanket. This gift will keep your burrito enthusiast looking and feeling like a snack. This flannel blanket can be found on Amazon for $24.00.

Burrito Ornament 

Keep your gift festive and delicious by purchasing this burrito ornament. Nothing says "I love burritos" like hanging one from your Christmas tree. Target sells this ornament and others for $6.00 each.



Bread Scented Soap

Some people love bread so much, they want to bathe in it. Well, now they can with this fresh baked bread scented soap. Anyone who claims bread is their favorite food needs this soap. Purchase this homemade soap from Etsy for $7.25 per bar.

Bread Pillow

Does a warm piece of bread ever make you want to snuggle up and fall asleep? Now you can, with this jumbo bread pillow. This can be found on Amazon for $11.77.

The next time you find yourself struggling to find the perfect gift, refer to this guide for inspiration. Even if their favorite food is different than above, there are millions of food themed gifts out there that anyone would love.