It’s nine o’ clock on a Saturday,

And the regular crowd shuffles in.

There’s a growling stomach inside of me,

Making’ noises like a hungry hippopotamus.

In desperate need of a snack, I’m not really sure where to go.

But I crave something sad and sweet, and I knew it complete,

When I turn toward the refrigerated aisle.

*Cue the Perfect Bars in their shining glory*

Okay, let's back up the story a little.

As a Division One college athlete and student, nutrition-on-the-go is not always easy, and reliable protein bars are hard to come by. You cannot always trust what you read on labels, especially these days with brands broadcasting “Zero grams of sugar” or “20 grams of protein.” If I cannot even pronounce the ingredient, how and why should I be expected to put it into my body? I mean, does that even make sense? 

No, right? Now that we've got that established, what should you eat? 

Lucky for you, I have the "perfect" answer, and it's a good thing I am "nuts" about them (both puns intended). 


Why are Perfect Bars so Perfect?

Non-GMO, gluten-free, and containing more than 20 superfoods, these scrumptious bars package more than just healthy goodness in each bite. With more than ten varieties and seasonal ones as well, Perfect Bars have an undeniably delicious flavor too. From classic peanut butter and blueberry cashew to the more extravagant mocha chip and pumpkin pie (I recommend the chocolate chip cookie dough!), Perfect Bars offer the satisfaction that your aching stomach craves.

Personally, I think I would best have to phrase it as a “melt-in-your mouth,” kind of texture, but words alone cannot give these babies justice. You must try them for yourself. The lingering aftertaste is enough to make you reach for another - and why not? There is no guilt with a bar that boasts wholesome, natural ingredients. While the bars may average about $2.50 (which is definitely a stab to the wallet for any college student), you definitely get the bang for your buck with these hefty snacks. And yes, they may be best preserved by refrigerating them, but that only serves to prove their freshness! Not to mention, they’ve got a low glycemic index, to keep your tummy from making any of those embarrassing noises for a long time. 

The Story

The idea first emerged in mind of health foodie Bud Keith during the 1960s, when he was looking for a way to create a food that included the necessary proteins and omega oils that were typically absent from the American diet. After years of giving talks emphasizing the importance nutrition, he finally experimented with mixing freshly ground organic peanut butter, honey, and his whole food nutrition - and alas, the first Perfect Bar was born!

More than Just a Bar

The ingredients may be simple, but the meaning is much more deeply rooted. With a mission to “nourish world kind with a hug, good vibes and a delicious dose of fresh whole food nutrition,” the message is clear. This family-based company cares about more than just producing the ideal snack. Rather, by giving back to local communities and partnering with charities, they hope to improve global health - one bar at a time. And so here's to a bar that fills your stomach AND your heart with warmth and joy.                                                                              

And so...

People will tell you perfection is unattainable. Some will say its ridiculous. Others deem it impossible. 

But you know all too well now that they are sadly mistaken. Perfect Bars are perfect. There's no doubt about that.