A lot of great things happened in the 90s: epic snacks like Dunkaroos, platform shoes, and, of course, "The Parent Trap." For those of you that need a refresher, this 1998 film stars Lindsay Lohan not once, but twice, as twin girls that were separated at birth. The girls accidentally reunite 12 years later at a summer camp in Maine. As you can imagine, the pair are pretty wigged out that they look exactly the same.

Just like with all good friendships, the girls end up bonding over food. Both Annie and Hallie love to put a dollop of peanut butter on their Oreos, which I totally respect. I go to bed dreaming of Oreos and peanut butter pie, or Oreos and peanut butter brownie cupcakes. The world hasn't seen a duo this mind-blowing since Brangelina (RIP).

You would think a pairing this good would have existed since the Stone Age (or at least when Oreos were invented in 1912), right? Wrong. As it turns out, we actually have "The Parent Trap" to thank for this magical combination. I know, it's hard to believe, but stick with me.

Wait, What? How Did This Happen?

The writer and director of "The Parent Trap," Nancy Meyers, gave an interview earlier this year with Hello Giggles explaining that she literally just made the iconic combo up at random. In fact, Meyers goes on to say that she chose Oreos and peanut butter "for no other reason than it sounded weird and some cute kid would do it." I mean, come on. I spend weeks trying to craft a single text message and Nancy Meyers came up with Oreos and peanut butter in five minutes? Totally unfair.

Is This Combo Still a Thing?

GIF courtesy of Giphy

Um, yes! Just like Leonardo DiCaprio, the world caught on to this newcomer in the late 90s, recognized how fab it was, and sunk its claws in for life. Oreos and peanut butter has been a favorite with millennials ever since "The Parent Trap" was released. I remember scooping peanut butter on to my Oreos at the tender age of seven, and tbh, I still do it today. Oreo even launched a limited edition peanut butter flavor, which I am personally offended didn't last longer on store shelves. Someone start a petition to get these beauties back, please.

Help! I Can't Get My Head Around This

That's okay, my friend, I can't get over it either. Who knew that a Lindsay Lohan movie that I watched in the first grade could influence my life so much? The next time that I'm dunking my Oreos in peanut butter (hey, better than dunking them in mustard), I'll be thinking of this film.