I am a Dunkin' Donuts die-hard fan. I admit that, knowing that lately, there have been a lot of discussions on the topic of Dunkin' versus Starbucks.  I won't bring it up here though. But let me tell you a funny story that happened to me at Dunkin' a few weeks ago.

While waiting in line to place my order (I'm one of those weirdos who likes talking to the baristas), the couple in front of me was having a fight (you know, a typical Dunkin' scene). Both did not know what they wanted and that silly thing became a major scene when the boyfriend stormed out of the restaurant. It was quite entertaining to watch, I will add.

But in all seriousness, guys are so easy. The truth is, all boyfriends are so predictable. There is only a handful of drinks the guys order from Dunkin'. In fact, there are only five of them. To spare you and your boyfriend your next fight, here they are.

1. Hot Black

For a guy, this is a perfect pick-me-up drink, especially in the morning. There is no time to be fancy. The taste of the coffee itself will do the trick, giving him the energy needed to 

veni, vidi, vici.

2. Hot Regular

Hot Regular (meaning cream and sugar) is every guy's go-to drink at Dunkin'. You can compare it to a pair of your favorite jeans or sneakers: It goes well with everything and fits for every occasion. 

3. Iced Regular 

It doesn't matter if it's 80 degrees or 25 degrees outside, whether it's day or night, the Iced Regular is hands-down a  guy's favorite Dunkin' item. I checked my Dunkin' order history once and guess what? Seventy-five percent of what I was ordering was that magical Iced Regular.

4. Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate is every guy's soft spot. It has that taste of long past childhood: the adventures and troubles, the evenings at home at the dinner table and the family Dunkin' visits. Indeed, no guy can resist the temptation of this sweet beverage, especially when it's cold outside.

5. Hot Latte 

There are days when the guy just wants something with a little "umph," something warm and cozy. Those are the times when he would prefer a nice Dunkin' latte. But don't spoil it with the artificial sweetener or that flavored syrup that always stays on the button of the cup. Remember, for the guys, less is more.

After reading this list, you might ask, are guys really that predictable? Yes, we are. Sure, we'd like to think we are all unique and special from time to time, but when it comes to Dunkin', we are all pretty basic.