If you haven't heard of it yet, hear it here first– a new app called MySquad will change how you go out with your friends. The gist of the app is that it offers you deals at a variety of restaurants and bars, but you can only redeem the deals by getting together a group of people to go with you– aka, "squading up," as the MySquad app has coined it.

The app currently offers deals at The Boot, Midway Pizza, Bruno's Tavern, The Columns, Freret Beer Room, and Dat Dog. Some deals include 10% off your order at Dat Dog with a squad of 3-10, 2 domestic beers for $5 with a squad of 2-10, and half off a large pizza and half off a large salad for a squad of 4-10. 

After clicking on the deal and getting your squad together, all you have to do is simply show the app page to your waiter at the bar or restaurant, and you're good to go. With MySquad, it's now beyond easy to bring together good friends, great food and drinks, and amazing deals.

Michelle Delaney

To get the lowdown on the app's creation and the vision of those who made it, I spoke with one of the creators Elizabeth Crosby.

Spoon: How did you come up with the idea to create MySquad?

EC: I was having dinner at a local pizza place with two of my best friends, now co-founders, when we came up with the concept. In short, our goal was to modernize the coupon by making it social. Nobody remembers that time they saved $5 at the grocery store, but you'll always remember those Wednesday night happy hours at The Boot (well, usually) or that super fun birthday dinner at your favorite restaurant.

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Gillian Halper

Spoon: Are there any restaurants you're hoping to add to the app in the near future?

EC: In our first 6 months, we hope to expand out of the Uptown area and feature restaurants and bars from all over the city. We love to hear from our users so always feel free to DM us with your favorite restaurant suggestions! 

She also filled me in on some exciting news for the future of the app. In the next couple of months, they'll be updating it to include a newsfeed where you can see when and where your friends are "squading up." Not only that, but they'll also be adding an interactive map to allow users to better see deals closest to them.

To keep up with all of the exciting news, go ahead and give them a follow on Instagram at @mysquadapp and, of course, download the MySquad app from Google Play or the App Store. In the mean time, anyone down to go to Dat Dog or The Boot?