There are so many ways to tell someone you love them. You could buy them flowers, send them a card, or text them a bunch of heart emojis. But, for all you foodies out there, nothing says “I Love You!” better than a cheesy pun. 

Since words cannoli say so much, I've searched the world wide web for the best food puns that show you love someone berry much.

1. The Perfect Compliment

How to tell bae they are on fleek.

2. For When You Have The Feels

This may sound cheesy, but...

3. For Your Soul Mate

I'd like to make a toast to true love.

4. When You Finally Meet That Special Someone

When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie...

5. For Your Coffee Cutie

When you just love someone a latte.

6. Because Breakfast Is Better Than A Broken Heart

Bae and Breakfast is the ultimate combo.

7. For Your Favorite Tea Lover

Tea for two, and two for tea!

8. For When You Tell Someone How You Really Feel

It's always butter when we're together.

9. When Opposites Attract

The only thing that could make this one sweeter is sugar!