There are three types of food puns: those that make you cringe, those that make you giggle, and those that make you cringe and giggle simultaneously.

If you're an appreciator of gastronomically motivated wordplay or love to have fun with puns, I'd like to direct you toward a fairly comprehensive, living archive: the internet. Yes, the world wide web goes ham when it comes to food puns, and we've gone through the trouble of compiling some of the best (and straight-up worst) food puns available for human consumption.

1. When You're Reminiscing About Growing Up

Kimona just gets it. Time really DOES fry when you're having pun. 

2. When Sliding Into the DMs Isn't Cutting It

Yo gurl, you up? Why don't you spicy tuna roll on over here?

3. When You Find T-Swift's Breakup Anthems a Little Cheesy

Cheese puns are grate. Taylor Swift started out as a country star, but recently transitioned to a more straight-ahead Top 40 sound. Perhaps her next project will be geared toward R&Brie?

4. When You're a Fish, But You're Still Classy

Terrible fish pun? Gill-ty as charged.

5. When You're a Carnivore Who Enjoys Gloating

Sorry, vegetarians: we just don't beleaf you when you say you enjoy eating only plants. 

6. When You're Flat-Out Nailing a Job Interview

First off, how is this anthropomorphized Hostess going to get off this high chair? Second, how sweet would it be if this sugary cupcake got the job?

7. When Making Internet Strangers Laugh Is a Complete Waste of Thyme

Whoever made this both literally and figuratively has too much thyme on their hands.

8. When You Need Someone to Hurry Up With Your Damn Croissants

It pains me how little effort went into this production of this pun. Punaway as fast as you can, indeed.

9. When You Just Can't Hold It Anymore

When you gotta go, you gotta go. And if the toilet's occupied and there's a sink nearby, urine luck, my friend.

10. When You've Found Your Soulmate

Sometimes it's just mint (chocolate chip) to be. 

11. When You're the King of New York

I'm only interested in this sandwich if the tomatoes are Juicy

12. When You're Proudly Declaring Your Identity

Soy milk isn't regular milk introducing itself in Spanish. Soy milk is just gross. 

13. When You Spend Too Much Time on the Couch

Get that butt off that couch. You can avoca-do it, I know you can.

14. When the Most Important Meal of the Day Feels a Little Frisky

Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just eggs-ited to see me?

15. When You're a Kleptomaniac Who Needs Encouragement

Stealing kitchen tools is whisky business. 

16. When Your Puns Know No Borders

England doesn't have a kidney bank, but it does have a Liverpool.

17. When You Taught Luke How to Use the Force

But then Darth Vader CREAMS you in a lightsaber duel.

18. When You're Super Forward

Here's the scoop: this is the most perfect pickup line if you're literally a horny spoon. 

19. When You've Reached Peak Whimsy

Unicorn + Unicycle = Corniest pun imaginable? 

20. When You're Feeling Aggressive, But Also A Lil' Fruity


21. When You've Made It Through a List of Food Puns Without Your Head Exploding

Everyone romaine calm, you've made it to the end of the list.