Still hungover (on happiness, of course) from GovBall weekend? Me too. Lucky for us, the people behind New York's fave festival are back with a fall installment: The Meadows. Set in the shadows of City Field, the Meadows promises three days of the best music, the best vibes, and the part we at Spoon University care the most about—the best food. 

The Meadows, it seems, has made good on its promise. This year's food lineup is even doper than the last, bringing together an eclectic mix of ramen burgers, fish-shaped ice cream cones, and, like, all the cheese. Yes, I realize this sounds overwhelming. That's why I have compiled a list of the food vendors that should be on your radar at this year's festival.

1. John's Juice

dairy product, cream, vegetable
Beatrice Forman

Depending on who your sources are, either Lorde or John's Juice brought down the house at GovBall. Really though, John's Juice always has a line around the block and into the next borough. With their made-to-order and Instagram-ready beverages, they should be the only place you stop to hydrate in between acts. I mean, who doesn't look baller drinking from a pineapple?

2. Taiyaki NYC

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Beatrice Forman

Despite being known by tourists as "The Fish Cone Place," Taiyaki is so much more than that. Yes, their waffle cones are shaped like fish, but it's their refreshing soft serve that keeps you coming back for more. With flavors like sesame seed and matcha, Taiyaki will leave you ready to mosh with the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

3. Ramen Burger  

Now I know what you're thinking — it does sound like something you would only crave if you were pregnant, had the munchies, or both. But hear me out. The ramen burger smashes any and all expectations. The bun's chewy texture makes it stand out in a sea of regular burgers. An added bonus? They're always made fresh to order. 

4. Bareburger

egg, salad
Beatrice Forman

Everybody has that one friend who just has it together. They're the ones who somehow manage to make their Saturday morning spin classes despite Friday's shenanigans. Bareburger is the restaurant version of that friend. With an eclectic mix of organic burgers, salads, and elevated bar snacks, Bareburger toes the line between "too healthy" and "sinfully delicious." This balances make for perfect festival food, especially for vegan and vegetarian attendants. 

5. New Territories 

cream, ice cream, ice
Beatrice Forman

If you were anywhere near Instagram within the past month, you know it's the year of the "freak shake." Whether you're all about the toppings or you take your milkshake straight with no chaser, New Territories is for you. Like any proper milkshake, their vanilla and chocolate offerings are thick and creamy, plus the toppings are totally manageable.

6. Takumi Taco

If you're anything like me, you probably dream of fusing your favorite cuisines together. (#FoodieProblems) Lucky for us, Takumi Tacos makes our dreams a reality with their inventive mix of Japanese and Mexican favorites. Capitalizing on each country's love of fresh ingredients and vibrant seasoning, Takumi elevates cultural mainstays — be them tacos or bento boxes. 

7. Twist and Smash'd

Twist and Smash'd is basically T-Bo from ICarly's take on the greatest starch of all time. Known for their twisted potatoes on a stick, this Queens mainstay is changing the burger street food game. If you've never had a waffle-wrapped chicken tender (on a stick, of course) or a crab burger, this needs to be your first stop at The Meadows. 

Whether you're an LL Cool J enthusiast, a bona fide foodie, or a vibes aficionado, The Meadows will not disappoint. With a stacked food lineup and three days of music, you'll definitely dance just as much as you eat. 

#SpoonTip: No plans from September 15-17? Buy your tickets here to get your Jay-Z and #EEEEEATS fix.