Tom Brady (aka the Greatest of All Time) is branding himself in what just might be the most genius way possible. As he is number 12 for the New England Patriots, Tom Brady designed the brand TB12. The company sells apparel, workout gear, and nutritious snacks.

Tom is known for his strict diet and workout regiment, so I'm interested in whether his products will truly put you on the right track to looking and feeling like the GOAT himself. 

The Idea

I was delighted to find out that all TB12 Snacks are "raw, vegan, organic, gluten-free, and dairy-free". They do contain tree-nuts, however, so you have to be careful with that!

The bags are resealable- so you can munch on these throughout the day, and then reuse the bags if you wish. The bags are even made from biodegradable rice paper

The Taste

His TB12 snacks, coming in at about $50 for a box of 12 bags, are sold in a variety of flavors. I started with the Variety pack to see if I liked one flavor over the others. 

First, there's Blueberry Crunch, which is perfect for you if you like blueberries and a bit of sweetness in your healthy snacks.

Then there's Amazon Crunch, which I consider the second best. Just like they sound, this flavor is both crunchy and nutty. 

We also have the Superfood Energy Squares, which are the chewiest of all (aka why I love them). This flavor has hints of coconut, almond, and sea salt.

The Cacao Goji Energy Squares contain dates, which I'm honestly not the biggest fan of. However, they're still ideal for pre- and post- workout bites due to their high-energy ingredients. 

Then there's my favorite: the Dark Cocoa Coconut. I'm so happy they included a chocolate/coconut combo in these offerings, and TB12 combined them well. 

Finally, the last flavor is the Buffalo Almonds and Ranch Cashews. While I'm not still totally behind the buffalo/ranch hype, this classic flavor combo is still both healthy and delicious, and it offers game-day vibes for your tastebuds. 

The Verdict

After tasting each flavor and researching the health benefits, I highly recommend the TB12 snacks. Though downsides include a high price point and the ingredient of nuts, these snacks are really full of clean, nutritious, and high-protein feel-good ingredients. 

So, if you want the body and mindset of Tom Brady, his snacks and workout plans might be the place to start. If you want to go even further, you can even learn how to eat like Tom Brady for only $78 a week.