So by now you've probably heard of cold brew coffee, but I bet you haven't heard of cold brew sweet tea now have you? Well, to all you tea lovers/coffee haters out there prepare to rejoice because it's a real thing and it's actually pretty great (coming from a usual sweet tea hater). 

Southern Breeze Sweet Tea has changed the entire concept of sweet tea by putting 100% real tea leaves in a tea bag, much like the one you'd use for hot tea. You make the tea essentially the same way, but instead of steeping the tea bag in hot water you use cold water, then after it's steeped pour over ice. Voila, sweet tea! Southern Breeze also puts a zero-calorie sweetener in the tea bags so they're already full of sweet Southern flavor. 

The tea bags come in single serving bags that you can take on the go and enjoy whenever you'd like. Additionally, there's four flavors to choose from: original, half and half, peach, and raspberry. Personally, I really only like sweet tea if it's flavored, and I really enjoyed the peach and raspberry varieties. They were sweet, but not too sweet, with a natural fruity flavor.

So the next time you're thirsty for a glass of sweet tea, reach for Southern Breeze Cold Brew Sweet Tea bags that'll leave you equally satisfied, without all the sugar and guilt.