A craze for golden-rimmed ice cream pints is sweeping the nation. The Spoon University UPenn team teamed up with Halo Top and Whole Foods to find out exactly why everyone is obsessed with Halo Top and to put these Halo Top flavors to the test.

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Rebecca Li

We put Halo Top to the test. Do the flavors stand up to their inspirations? What kind of texture does “healthier” ice cream have?

In the blind taste test, three students at a time were given spoonfuls of ~unidentifiable~ ice cream flavors. Participants were asked to: (1) guess the flavor and (2) describe the taste and their experience.

The results...

Most guessable flavor: Strawberry

This classic was recognized immediately, perhaps because it’s so distinguishable from classic, creamier flavors. 

Most surprising reveal: S’Mores

Students had more difficulty guessing this one - they thought they tasted hints of coconut and/or mocha before this flavor was revealed. I guess you could say that it has a little ‘je ne sais quoi.’ 

Most notable texture: Oatmeal Cookie

This flavor somehow blended the textures of oatmeal cookie dough with ice cream into a tasty and satisfying concoction. The culprit? Real rolled oats are one of the ingredients!

Most ‘accurate’ flavor: Birthday Cake

Taste-testers were shocked by how close this flavor of Halo Top resembled the real deal. Be sure to consider it for your next ~festive~ occasion.

The Spoon UPenn team loved trying Halo Top and now you can, too!

Enter the Spoon x Halo Top contest by clicking on the Facebook video above and commenting on it your answer to: Which 4 Halo Top flavors, in order, did the Spoon UPenn team vote as their favorites?

The first five commenters who guess correctly will win SEVENTEEN pints of Halo Top! Make sure to refer back to the video to see their opinions.

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