Usually, low-calorie ice cream would be considered quite the oxymoron. Thanks to Halo Top, we finally have a guilt-free treat that actually tastes great. The classic flavors of this healthy dessert gained popularity this past year, and clock in at around 240-280 calories per pint.

Yes, I really did say per entire pint. While everyone has their favorites, with nutrition facts like that, there's no excuse for skipping out on any. Here's what your favorite classic Halo Top flavor says about you.


Halo Top Chocolate lovers are confident. This flavor has a stronger taste than most of the other originals, making its followers particularly bold, daring, and strong-minded. If you love the chocolate flavor, chances are you also enjoy being social and overly talkative. 

Vanilla Bean

Vanilla Halo Top fiends are classic. While this flavor is a bit more subdued, it's aftertaste is recognizably sweet. If your favorite flavor is vanilla, chances are you may come off a little shy, but are caring, nice and a good friend. 


If Strawberry Halo Top is your number one pick, you're probably sweet, fun and outgoing. People who love this flavor, which has a bit of a spark, tend to be energetic and passionate about the many things they do. 

Mint Chip

If your go-to Halo Top pint is Mint Chip, you're calm, cool and collected. The perfect combination of minty flavor with surprisingly sweet chocolate chips means its fans tends to be pretty balanced and stress-free.  

Lemon Cake

Lemon Cake is easily the most underrated of the classic Halo Top flavors. This pint, like the people who love it, is very refreshing. If lemon cake is your favorite, chances are you're both happy and a bit quirky, in the absolute best way!

Birthday Cake

This pint, which is packed with confetti, is so much fun! If this is your favorite flavor of Halo Top, you're probably bubbly, cheerful and overly enthusiastic. However, like this flavor, you may tend to be a bit energetic and dramatic, too. 

And if you're like me, and choosing just one flavor of Halo Top seems absolutely impossible, then just enjoy them all (in a huge bowl, all at the same time). #goals