We're all on our phones 24/7, so why not download some apps to satisfy our inner foodies? You name it, there's an app for it. There are so food apps out there, but what are the best food apps to have on your phone? I've come up with a list of five stellar ones that are worth sacrificing some of your storage for. 

1. Foodgawker

Emily Lyons

Foodgawker provides an array of yummy looking food to browse through to provide inspiration for your next dish! You can also save your favorite recipes until you need to use them for your next big party or family holiday. You can search food and drinks posted by food bloggers and you can save the recipes for the best looking ones. This app is kind of like Pinterest, but specifically for food which makes it 10x better.  This app allows you to organize all of the food and recipes you have collected by adding notes to them and putting them into different categories. Courtesy of Foodgawker you'll have so many new recipes to whip up. Oh, and the app is free! 

2. Tasty

Emily Lyons

This free app is one of my all time favorites. Tasty by Buzzfeed has videos and recipes of guilty pleasure and guilt-free food galore. Their videos are quick, simple, and fun and will inspire the Iron Chef in side of you. You can bookmark your favorites as well as search for a specific food. The creativity in these recipes is endless so you will be able to impress guests and family alike with these unique recipes. There is new content all the time so you will never be bored on your Tasty app. 

3. Oh She Glows

Emily Lyons

Everyone wants to be healthy, but everyone also wants their food to taste good. Oh She Glows has over 95 plant based recipes and 75 gluten-free recipes that are guaranteed to taste delicious. You can browse through their long list of recipes or search for ingredients or keywords. There is also an option to filter the recipes based on your own allergy or dietary needs. Oh She Glows lets you cross off ingredients right on the app as you use them from the recipe. While this app is $1.99, it is so worth it! 

4. Human Eating Project

Emily Lyons

For all of the vegetarians, vegans, and animal lovers out there: this app is for you! The Humane Eating Project helps you find humanely-raised, vegetarian, and vegan options when looking for a place to dine. This app has over 20,000 restaurant names across the U.S. You can filter options by location, price, type of food, and rating. This app also includes a "watch list" that mentions especially inhumane restaurants so you know exactly what to avoid. Eating out doesn't have to be a process with The Humane Eating Project app, and it'll help you feel good about where you decide to eat. Best of all, the access to all this info is super easy because this app is free!

5. Mixologist

Emily Lyons

Last but not least, is the only drink based app on this list. Here, you can browse and search over 8,000 drink recipes. You can plug in which ingredients you have on hand and Mixologist will present you with a list of different drinks that you can make. If you're feeling adventurous you can even add your own recipe into the database. There's also a feature for when you can't decide what to do drink. The "Random" tab (which looks a lot like a slot-machine) allows you to find different cocktail recipes based on liquor, mixer, etc. Mixologist makes the bartending part easy on your side and allows you to switch up your everyday cocktails.

There is a world of possibility out there on the app store when looking for apps related to food. But if you follow this list you won't go wrong! Between food recipes (healthy and not), videos, vegetarian eats and cocktail mixing you'll have it all in the palm of your hands.