Frosh Week has ended, and midterms are taking over our lives, which could only mean one thing—Queen's Homecoming is just around the corner. A quick Google search would give you a good insight into what has gone down at past homecomings. 

The hype and the buildup of Queen's Homecoming may have you feeling excited, overwhelmed, and maybe a little confused about what to expect and how to make the most out of your first Homecoming if you choose to partake in the festivities.

Here the official guide on how to have a fun, safe, and memorable Queen's Homecoming.

1. "What do I wear?"

Do you remember planning your prom outfit? Well, planning your Homecoming outfit requires just as much effort and thought. Except the main goal is to bleed as much tricolour as you possibly can. Despite the fact that it's late October, we will all be tempted to wear crop tops and skirts. At the same time, it's a good idea to keep the weather in mind as it is a rain or shine event. That being said, don't hesitate to explore your options at the Tricolour Outlet, Oil Thigh Designs, and Campus Equipment Outfitters.

When in doubt, why not just throw a rugby sweater on?

2. "How early do I wake up?"

Do you have trouble getting up for your morning lectures? If you've answered yes, welcome aboard because you're not alone. Homecoming is the one day you will enjoy every single second of waking up early. The 8:00 am horns going off in Vic Hall and the 9:00 am pancake keggers filling with a sea of rugby sweaters in the University District will have you wishing you got a good night sleep.


Tavleen Matharu

This year the Queen's Gaels will be kicking off against their rivals from the University of Ottawa. Exciting, right? The football game will be taking place at Richardson Stadium at 1:00 pm. And guess what? Queen's students get free general admission tickets to the game.

Tip: Know the lyrics to our fight song - The Oil Thigh

4. "How Do I Stay safe on Aberdeen?"

By now, you know that many Queen's students like to party. In the past, those parties have gone completely out of hand. Both the City of Kingston and Queen's Universtiy have had enough. As a result, they have decided to handle things a little differently this school year. Anyone at the street parties charged under the Liquor License Act will not only have to pay the fine but will also be obliged to appear in court. Make sure your interaction with the City of Kingston Police is limited to Snapchat, only. Please be respectful of police officers and other emergency response staff—you're helping yourself and others in need.

5. "Do we party all day?"

If only. As the clock hits 4:00 pm, the streets will start to feel desolate and that's because it's time for a little break. Grab a poutine or explore the dining options on campus with your friends. Most importantly, don't forget to take a power nap if you plan on venturing out at night.

Now...Good luck.

Queen's students are known for their spirit, and that spirit can be seen in the proud Alumni that come back decades and decades later to experience Homecoming once again. If you chose to drink, drink responsibly; stay hydrated and eat. Most importantly, have fun.

Cha Gheill!