We're officially three weeks into the first semester of school at Queen's University. By now, you've probably got your meal plan figured out and have walked through Ban Righ and Leonard Hall what seems like countless times. Filling up at Ban's pasta bar and Lenny's pizza station is great—until dinner hours end and you're craving a late night snack.

When I was a first year living in Waldron Tower, it was game over after roughly 7:00 p.m. This meant a lot of Domino's and Thai Express food deliveries, and a lot of money charged to my credit card instead of my student card. Looking back, there were more late-night dining options available than I thought. All I needed was a little more research, but don't worry; I've got you covered.

Dining Halls

On Main campus, the struggle between Ban and Lenny is real. From Monday to Friday, Ban is open for breakfast from 7:30-10:00 in the morning, continental from 10:00-11:00, lunch from 11:00-2:00, lite lunch from 2:00-4:30, and dinner from 4:30-7:00.

Further down the road, Lenny has some more varying hours. Lunch during the week runs from 11:00-2:00. Dinner is usually from 4:30-8:00, but ends early at 7:00 on Fridays. As for the weekends, Lenny serves breakfast from 9:30-11:30, brunch from 11:30-3:00, and dinner from 4:30-7:30 (Saturdays) or 4:30-7:00 (Sundays). This information can also always be found on the dining website.

So, after 8:00 at the latest, you should start to consider using some TAMs. Always remember that you have 200 of these to use throughout the year, and they do not carry over to your second year at Queen's University.


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If you're like me, TAMs will be your saving grace. Although dining halls do have a lot to offer, it's nice to mix it up every now and then and be able to grab a bite on the go. The Lazy Scholar in Victoria Hall is open till 1:00 in the morning daily for all of your ranch snacker and burrito needs. Location 21 is also open until 1:00 daily; if you live in Vic or Smith, consider yourself lucky! 

If you need a late night pick-me-up or a break from Stauffer, Tim Hortons in the ARC is open till 11:00 at night from Monday to Friday. Starbucks in Goodes Hall is also open at night until 10:00 from Monday t0 Thursday. Lazy and Loco both have coffee if you're too late.

West Campus

Don't think I forgot about you. Jean Royce Hall serves dinner until 7:00 or 7:30 every night of the week. They also have a barista bar open daily until midnight.

If you're looking to use a TAM on West, the only option is the Student Street Express in Duncan MacArthur Hall. It's only open Monday through Friday from 8:00-1:00, so for dinner, head to the dining hall or main campus.

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If worst comes to worst, take a walk up Barrie street towards Princess Street, where you will find the Metro grocery store. This location is open 24 hours, so you don't have to worry about making the 1:00 a.m. cutoff on campus. Plus, the selection is endless. While you're there, you can stock up on some non-perishable snacks to keep in your res room. You never know when you'll be craving cereal, granola bars, or instant noodles. 

For more information about the hours of operation on campus and Queen's University Hospitality Services in general, visit their website.