Time and time again, fate has proved to us that French fries are the only snack worth eating. And as it turns out, every zodiac has one special connection with a certain fast food joint that serves French fries, guaranteed to match your personality. This list will finally tell you which type of fast food French fries you should be eating, because heaven forbid you eat the wrong spud! The stars are telling you to get busy, even if it means making a cross-country trip for your soul-fries—this is your only chance for true happiness.

1. Aries: Chicken Fries from Burger King 

You are: energetic, confident, pioneering

I know this isn't technically a type of French fry, but being adventurous is what Aries are all about, right? Having a dynamic approach to life is everything to you, so trying out these chicken fries will display your courageous side in a daring (and delicious) way.

2. Taurus: Waffle Fries from Chick-fil-A 

french fries, sweet
Erin O'Neill

You are: patient, warm, loving

Chick-fil-A waffle fries are the REAL DEAL, just like Taurus, who are super genuine and warm-hearted. These fries (and you Taurus yourselves) also happen to be the ultimate source of comfort. Imagine eating these fresh off the fryer while snuggling in bed surrounded by millions of blankets. Yes. This definitely sounds like your dream day.

3. Gemini: French Fries with Sea Salt from Wendy's

You are: eloquent, intellectual, witty

Much like Wendy's French fries with sea salt can (and should) be dipped in anything and still taste fantastic, Gemini can harmoniously adapt to any situation that presents itself. Your versatility parallels the endless options available for Wendy's fry usage—Frosties being the number one dipping preference, of course.

4. Cancer: Animal-Style Fries from In-N-Out

cheese, french fries
Chase Masters

You are: protective, intuitive, emotional

As a Cancer, your intense loyalty and emotional strength remains unchallenged by any other sign. In-N-Out's animal style fries are perfect for your mama bear protectiveness—you'll be clinging to these fierce fries as much as you do your loved ones. Although you may come off as moody to others, at the heart of every Cancer lies a burning love and sentimentality. Likewise, the hot cheese and grilled onions on these fries emanates a warmth that will make your secret menu search all worth it. 

5. Leo: Five Guys Style Fries from Five Guys

salt, potato, wheat, french fries
Grayson Mynatt

You are: generous, expansive, faithful

Five Guys is unique to most other fast food chains out there—peanut oil is boldly used to spice up these Five Guys style fries. As a Leo, you will definitely become a committed fan, and your extreme loyalty, creativity, and loving nature will keep you coming back for more. Now get over that argument you had with your BFF five seconds ago and head over to Five Guys for some ~healing~ fries.

6. Virgo: Classic French Fries from McDonald's 

french fries, ketchup
Alex Frank

You are: analytical, shy, practical 

Some may perceive McDonald's classic French fries as bland, but let me assure you that that is anything but true. Although the exterior is modest, infectious pleasure takes over the moment you sink your teeth into this lovable snack. A Virgo's personality works the same way—you are always reliable, revealing a light-hearted side once people crack open your shy front.

7. Libra: Curly Fries from Arby's

You are: charming, easygoing, sociable

I've never met anybody who doesn't love curly fries, and you probably haven't either. Keeping it simple and balanced is the top concern of every Libra, and there's no better way to maintain it than sharing an order of Arby's universally-liked curly fries over an impromptu fast food run with your besties.

8. Scorpio: Cajun Fries from Cookout

french fries, bread, breadstick
Olivia Clifton

You are: forceful, wild, powerful

There is no doubt that a Scorpio's boldness is best manifested in Cookout's Cajun fries. These fries contain a spicy kick, displaying a free-flowing passion only Scorpios can truly relate to. You should get them with every Cookout tray you get, as they make for a sensual experience that will fit right in with your magnetic and attractive personality.

9. Sagittarius: Parmesan Cheese 'n Herb Fries from Steak 'n Shake

pasta, macaroni, sauce, penne, basil, cheese, vegetable, parmesan, spaghetti
Chelsea Hawk

You are: optimistic, good-humored, jovial

Because you want to get the most flare out of life, you should order these parmesan cheese 'n herb fries from Steak 'n Shake for something flavorful and exciting to try. This uplifting combination is sure to lift your spirits, like all you Sagittarius who always light up the room you're in.

10. Capricorn: Sweet Potato Fries from Smashburger

You are: practical, ambitious, careful

And here we have the "I have to stay super healthy but I also want to eat fries so here's my compromise" zodiac. Capricorns, you may seem a little odd to others at first glance—I mean come on, "healthy fries"? It's not until you actually bite into them that you understand how extraordinary Smashburger's sweet potato fries turn out to be. Same goes for your personality (minus the biting). You may come across as clean and calculated, but you can actually be pretty funny and bright when you want to be.

11. Aquarius: Seasoned Fries from Wingstop

You are: friendly, honest, intellectual

No fries are more progressive than Wingstop's seasoned fries. Sugar is used in the special seasoning as opposed to salt, and the result is revolutionary. If you're an Aquarius, you are independent and inventive in nature—that means you pair perfectly with this innovative snack. To make it even more original, request lemon pepper on top when you go to order. You seriously won't regret it.

12. Pisces: Crinkle Fries from Shake Shack

shakeshack, fries, burger, shackburger, crinklefries, hamburger, tray, lettuce, tomao
Justin Oh

You are: sensitive, compassionate, selfless

Calling all Pisces: Prepare to daydream about these Shake Shack crinkle fries for the rest of your days. These unique fries will shake up (pun intended) your imagination and run your creativity wild with some *crisp* and flavorful inspo.

#SpoonTip: Can't get to a Shake Shack? A chill outlet to channel your positive vibes into is cooking up these homemade smiley fries

Each pairing that was made should match up with your personality—no complaints, no exceptions, people. Now you can go enjoy your true soul-fries without wondering if they are the right ones for you.