If you're a vegan in college, you face the dilemma of figuring out which snacks to keep in your mini-fridge and small pantry. With limited space plus a roommate, you must be efficient when finding extra room in your dorm. While cooking in college is possible and realistic for those with a kitchen, I have found that it's extremely important to have snacks on hand that require zero preparation. Because I'm vegan, here are the best vegan dorm snacks you should keep in your small space.

1. Nuts & Nut Butter

peanut butter, honey, chocolate, caramel, jam, milk, sweet, cream
Maggie Gorman

Peanuts, walnuts, almonds, cashews, pecans, pistachios...the list goes on. Hit up your local grocery store so you can be simply bombarded by the many variations and flavorings of all of the different kinds of nuts.

The same goes for nut butter. Keep it simple and stick with peanut butter or switch things up and go for creamy cashew butter or Justin's Vanilla Almond Butter (low-key tastes like cake batter).

2. Favorite Fruits

juice, gooseberry, berry, pasture, grape
Naib Mian

You have to be picky with your fruits and select just your favorites. Unfortunately, there's just not room for it all. I usually store some grapes for a fresh snack, and put bananas in the fridge because they stay fresh longer when refrigerated. If you have a blender in your room, think about which fruits you use in smoothies.

3. Dips 'n Dippers

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Kendra Valkema

Yes, dips 'n dippers. You will want some dips (think hummus, guacamole, or any bean dip) and dippers (think veggies or chips, if you're more into that crunch life). My roommate and I have discovered that cauliflower is really fantastic for dipping due to its lack of strong flavor. Baby carrots are also dope.

4. Rice Cakes

custard, bread, dairy product, chocolate, pie, pudding, pastry, cream, cake, sweet
Ashley Blume

Rice cakes are great because they are so versatile. You can spread peanut butter on them in the mornings or hummus on them for a mid-day snack ... or the other way around, although I'm not so sure hummus for breakfast is the move

5. Popcorn

salt, butter, kettle corn, cereal, sweet, corn, popcorn
Renee Chiu

The ultimate snacky-snack. I wish I could say that was a Tom Haverford from Parks and Rec reference, but it wasn't. Popcorn is great for when you can't stop snaking, or when you're watching Netflix on a Wednesday night.

I really enjoy the Sea Salt or Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn by BOOMCHICKAPOP. I also love White Cheddar SkinnyPop which is actually #vegan. Yes, that is sketchy. And yes, I am okay with that

6. Oats

cornflakes, oat, granola, corn, oatmeal cereal, muesli, sweet, milk, oatmeal, porridge, cereal
Gabby Phi

Little one-serving oats cups are great for dorm life. Sometimes you just don't have the time or energy to get to the dining hall before morning classes ... cue: oats. Filling and easy to make, oats are a staple vegan breakfast meal. Mix in some peanut butter and top with berries and/or sliced banana to fancy things up a lil.

7. Energy Bars

Gabby Phi

Protein and energy bars are pretty essential in college. Great for bringing to a two-hour lecture or as a late-night pick-me-up. My favorite vegan bars are by LÄRABAR because of the great flavors and simple, real ingredients.

8. Water & B-12

ice, soda
Gabby Phi

Yes, I categorized water and B-12 supplements together. Although they are boring, they are important. Gotta stay hydrated and get those nutrients baby!

9. Sweet Tooth Snacks

You do you on this one. My favorite snacks for when my sweet-tooth kicks in are Justin's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups or barkTHINS Dark Chocolate Pretzel with Sea Salt. Clearly I have a thing for dark chocolate. If you're more into candies, grab some Sour Patch Kids or Swedish Fish. Oreos are another sketchy vegan food, that I am completely okay with. Being vegan in college is completely do-able (and I would highly recommend it)...especially when you have a dorm room filled with your favorite snacks.