As spring approaches, we all have so much to look forward to: tanning in the sunshine, drinking outside, wearing shorts, and of course, date parties.

Date parties are highly hyped-up events where a school organization (usually a fraternity or a sorority) throws a (sometimes classy) party at a local venue, and every member gets to bring a date (hence the name, date party). Finally, a kind of party that doesn't involve cheap costumes and frat party beer! 

During this time, the gym will be packed, the alc store supply will be low, and worries will be increasing. This season is a time where we stress about how to make this night live up to its high expectations. 

#DatePartySzn has the potential to be magical, though. Everyone wants a Cinderella kind of night with a happy ending that doesn't involve puking in the venue's bathroom, losing a wallet, or not vibing with a date.

However, it's very easy for this night out with your date to go sour. Here's what you should and shouldn't do to make sure you have a ~wonderful~ night out.

Do wear comfortable shoes, even if they aren't the cutest

Yes, your 4.5 inch platform heels make your legs look great. But, no, you will not physically be able to keep them on all night. Most of the fun of date party happens on the dance floor. If you want to enjoy yourself at the venue, don't limit your dancing abilities by wearing shoes with a height that shouldn't even be legal.

Don't pregame too much because you're nervous

Whether it's yours or your date's date party, you might feel like drowning out your nerves with alcohol. Will you guys hit it off? Will you like your date's friends? Will you lose your date? So many questions that you really can't control. But, what you can control is how much you drink. Getting super sh*t faced at the pregame just means you're gonna probably have to leave before the party's over, and if they're a keeper, so will your date to help you.

#SpoonTip: Please drink responsibly. Spoon University does not promote binge drinking or underage drinking. Have fun, but be safe, friends!

Do make friends with other people there

If you're not at your own date party, you probably don't know a lot of the people there. There will inevitably be moments when your date is not by your side. These moments do not mean you need to retreat to the corner alone, text your friends, or get another drink. Go be the strong independent person you know you are and meet some new friends! When you return to campus, you can see them around and be like, "LOL omg wasn't that night so fun?"

Don't eat a garlicky or oniony meal before

Whether you plan to kiss your date or not, smelling like a tub of hummus is not a good look. Choose what you eat before a date party wisely. I'd recommend something smart like chicken, brown rice and veggies so you're not uncomfortably full or tired, but its still enough that you won't feel sick after you and your date decide to take a shot. 

Do introduce your date to your friends

Just like you should want to meet other people, you don't want your date to feel out of place. Plus, you want your friends to get to know your date so the next day you can all talk about them and hear their opinions (it's the truth!). 

Do keep your hopes high, and your expectations low

If you've been hooking up with your date for a few weeks before date night but you don't really have a label, don't expect date night to be the night that seals the deal. I hate to break it to you, but date night is not a real date. It's a drunken night of partying and dancing that probably won't lead to your date telling you how he really feels. So, just go with the night and enjoy your time together. Real life can resume Monday.

Do pack gum and extras

As much as you try not to worry about how you look, you know you probably will. Avoid the worry and bring a little makeup for touch ups. Throw a little gum and hand sanitizer in your purse as well to avoid feeling gross and all over the place, even though you probably are.

Don't put too much pressure on the night

Go into the night with an "it is what it is" type of attitude! If you envision date night being the night of the semester, you might leave feeling disappointed. Take it for what it is and make the most of it. Odds are, you are gonna have a great time.

Do have fun with your friends

If this is your date night, live it up with your friends. This night isn't just a time to show off a hot date. It's a night to get dressed up with your friends and have a night with your whole squad. Don't let your date being flaky ruin that. You're still surrounded by the best.

Date party season is the best season. Even if date nights aren't your thing, you can use the night as an excuse to get dressed up, go out, and make the most of the night. Use these tips to ensure a good night out, but most of all, just have fun.

Happy datenighting!