Costco does everything bigger and better, especially when it comes to desserts. May I remind you of their 3 lb. Cookie Butter Cheesecake? Let's continue. Now, the wholesale store is taking on Nutella with their own version of chocolate hazelnut spread. 

According to Delish, a user on Reddit spotted the new jars this week at Costco. From their photo, Kirkland Hazelnut Spread with Cocoa comes in a twin-pack of 2.2 pounds jars, on sale for $7.99.

Photo courtesy of cliffzig via Reddit

That's about 4.5 pounds of chocolatey goodness for a steal compared to the OG—a two-pack of Nutella at Costco sells for $13.99 (and is slightly smaller in size). And a four-pack of 26.5 oz jars of Nutella (about 6.6 pounds) is currently being sold for $102.95 on!

Beyond the price, there's no real difference between the two spreads, except Kirkland uses sunflower oil and Nutella uses palm oil. I have yet to give it a taste, but I'm going to assume you won't notice the difference in oils. 

Phoebe Melnick

You can pick up a jar today at your local Costco or order it online for $9.99, plus a delivery fee. Just think about all the possibilities of more chocolate hazelnut spread! You can try recreating your own Taco Bell Chocoladilla, challenge yourself to eat it every day (although, that's not really a challenge per se), or try your hand at making one of these chocolate hazelnut spread-recipes that are said to have major sex appeal (seriously). Whatever you do with your spread, sharing is encouraged, but not required.