Bobby Flay is known in the food world for his culinary prowess and TV appearances. Infamously hard to beat in a cooking challenge, he's finely honed an impressive number of skills, from burgers to foreign cuisines, even appearing in a cooking-themed Disney movie as the notable chef judge in a cooking competition. And now he can add another notch in his culinary belt... cat food!

As an homage to his father, the newest chef in the famed culinary world isn't exactly a chef at all. Bobby Flay's famous feline, Nacho Flay, is taking a note from his father's book with his own line of wet and dry foods, plus treats, called Made by Nacho. With Bobby at the helm, his "protege" has come out with a line of cat food that will rival other brands in the market, and not just because of the known name behind it.

Billed as "a cat-crafted cat food offering premium ingredients, better taste, and high-quality nutrition, exclusively for felines," Made by Nacho took two years of recipe-testing and tastings to bring together its exclusive menu, backed by both culinary and feline experts.

While concerned with taste—it is a chef's cat, after all, the cat food brand even worked with Veterinary consultant and DVM Dr. Katja Lang to ensure that it meets nutritional standards too. The press release notes, their menu "leads with cage-free chicken, grass-fed beef and sustainably-caught salmon. To balance these proteins, fruits and vegetables" and millets and oats. They also have a secret ingredient—bone broth!

Offerings include:

1. Wet Food

Their wet cat food has plenty of options include Cage-Free Chicken in Gravy,  Sustainably-Caught Salmon in Gravy, and Grass-Fed Grain-Finished Beef in Gravy, all made with bone broth.

2. Dry Food

Their dry food options come in Cage-Free Chicken, Duck & Quail, Sustainably-Caught Salmon, Whitefish & Pumpkin Recipe, and Grass-Fed Beef, Rabbit & Pumpkin Recipe. These all have freeze-dried raw chicken in them as well.

3. 100% Pure Freeze-Dried Protein Treats

Saving the best for last, their treats come in flavors like Chicken Breast, Wild Alaskan Salmon, Ahi Tuna, Duck Liver, and Turkey Giblets.

One look at his website and you'll see that Nacho has also prepared a tasting menu option for his cat food, with value packs suggestions for every cat's tastebuds. Honestly, some of these sound pretty tasty even for humans. The food can be purchased on their website, and as of April 19th, at PetSmart, their exclusive retail partner.