If you constantly crave chocolate, ice cream, brownies, and other delicious sweets, The Chocolate Room should be on your radar. The Chocolate Room, located both in Cobble Hill and Park Slope of Brooklyn, is a quaint, family-friendly location. 

Classic red brick walls hold elegant lights that create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. The seating area holds about 25-30 people and there is a bar in the back for when you don't feel like waiting for a table.

The menu is both simple and sweet. Just warning you now—you will want to try everything! From decadent brownie sundaes to chocolate layer cake, each treat will have your mouth watering. 

If you need help deciding what to order, below are a few items from their menu that I think are worth trying.

Warm Brownie Sundae 

One of their signature plates is a warm brownie sundae and it happens to be my favorite. This dish consists of a warm, fresh brownie, topped with your choice of homemade ice cream, hot fudge, and fresh whipped cream with a fresh cherry. The brownie in this sundae is the perfect consistency of gooey and smooth, all in one bite. The ice cream paired with the brownie and hot fudge leave your taste buds thanking you.

Chocolate Layer Cake

Oprah Winfrey in O Magazine described this chocolate layer cake as “a luscious and perfect 3-layer blackout cake” and it even made her list of “My Favorite Things” in 2007. This cake is perfect for the extreme chocolate lover. For those over the age of 21, suggested pairings for this include Framboise, Sweet Monastrell, and Malbec.

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

If the classic chocolate chip cookies and ice cream are more up your alley, then this ice cream cookie sandwich is for you. The ice cream and sorbet flavors they make by hand include Madagascar vanilla, Belgian chocolate, fresh mint chip, Sumatran coffee, fresh strawberry, fresh banana, salted caramel, chocolate sorbet, passion fruit sorbet, raspberry sorbet, and coconut sorbet. Any of these flavors can be put inside of two cookies to make a sandwich.

If any of these treats mentioned above look appetizing to you, The Chocolate Room recently released their first cookbook titled "There's Always Room For Chocolate!" The book consists of recipes their customers have come to love with twists that express the spirit of Brooklyn, like chocolate caramel matzo, chocolate cuatro leches cake, and chocolate stout gingerbread.

If The Chocolate Room sounds intriguing to you, I definitely recommend taking a trip to the trendy neighborhoods of Carroll Gardens and Park Slope to visit the establishment yourself!