Shameless, a show that needs little to no introduction. This show is my personal favorite binge watch of the moment - it gives me everything I need when it comes to comedy or drama. 

Normally people think of Chicago as the home of deep dish pizza, but now the Windy City is home to the beloved Gallagher family as well. Showtime's popular series features a cast unlike I have ever met before. Just like a pizza, the cast of Shameless fits together like the perfect pie

1. Fiona: Four Cheese Pizza 

Without Fiona, there would be no family. She is the glue that holds the family together and is always there to lean on. Who doesn't turn to a cheese pizza when times get rough? 

2. Carl: Buffalo Chicken Pizza

He may be the middle brother, but he definitely stands out. Starting out as a young psychopath, Carl was nothing but spicy. Through every burning bite, everyone still wants more of Carl.

3. Debbie: Vegetable Pizza

Debbie is not for everyone. She's almost an acquired taste. Being the mature figure in the Gallagher household makes Debbie the perfect match to a vegetable pizza.

4. Lip: Dessert Pizza

Dessert pizza is a bit unconventional. Lip is that character you love for being different. He is the perfect combination of being a little bad for you, but just looks and taste so damn good.  

5. Frank: Anchovy Pizza 

Frank Gallagher, are we suppose to love him or hate him? Like anchovies, he may seem okay to try once, but after the first bite you realize that you probably do hate him. At least you can say you gave it a shot...

6. Liam: Pizza bagel

As the youngest of the cast members, Liam has not quite graduated to a full slice of pizza. He is bite-sized, adorable and never says much, yet we still have a soft spot for him. Pizza bagels may be small, but we never say no. 

7. Ian: Hawaiian Pizza

Out of all the Gallagher's, Ian seems to have the most going on. From coming out of the closet to dealing with a mental disorder, he is nothing short of complex. A slice of Hawaiian pizza gives us everything from ham to fruit. Because of all their complicated goodness, it's impossible to resist Ian or Hawaiian pizza.   

8. Kev and V: Pepperoni and Cheese Pizza

This one is pretty self explanatory: nothing goes together quite like Kev and V, except for pepperoni and cheese pizza. 

9. Mickey: Stuffed-Crust Pizza 

Mickey Milkovich is arguably one of the most well-written characters on Shameless. Just like a stuffed crust, he is hard on the outside soft on the inside. And once you have a taste, there's no going back.

It doesn't get much better than pizza and Shameless. Each one-of-a-kind character fits together piece by piece like a pizza. If you're like me and you're patiently waiting for season 8, don't worry, simply rewatch as many episodes as possible and order your favorite pizza alongside.