What would you think if I told you that American’s newest, coolest and hippest hangout also sold Nutella lattes? Would you think I made it up? Would you think it sounds too good to be true? Well, jokes on you because the Bridge, newly opened and located between Bender Pavilion and MGC, has just that and more.

I sat down with David, a spokesperson for the Bridge, to learn more about what students can expect from the newest student space. First and foremost, an Eaglebucks reader will be installed no later than the end of October, meaning you no longer have to search your bag for that last quarter to pay for a nitro cold brew (my fave thing on the menu, btw).

Where does the coffee come from?

Maddy McGunagle

The Bridge uses only Compass Coffee because they wanted to promote local businesses while also running the shop as a small business. That mindset led to the partnership between the Bridge and Compass Coffee, as well as the Bridge and Bethesda Bagel. The Bridge was intended not to just be a part time job for its baristas, but a way to give students good coffee and atmosphere.

Compass Coffee made sure that the Bridge had good equipment as well as coffee, trained all the managers at their first location and trained all the staff at the Bridge. Compass Coffee was chosen because of the emphasis on training and the reputation of having one of the friendliest staffs in DC. They aim to make people’s days better and also make sick latte art and who doesn't want that?

What happens in the Bridge?

Maddy McGunagle

The Bridge is now open until midnight and serves as an alternative to spending the night in the library. The Bridge has already gained a reputation for holding events. Most recently, a poetry slam brought so many people on a Friday night that viewers had to sit on the floor.

What is the aesthetic like?

Maddy McGunagle

The Bridge has a rustic and cool aesthetic, complete with comfy chairs, terrariums and vinyl records. This was a very intentional choice made by the staff. The furniture was purchased through West Elm and not through the normal campus furniture place so that it felt different and kind of like a “homey” Brooklyn coffee shop. This is a place where you can hangout and play video games but also do homework.

Just incase you needed some #studyspo

The creation of the Bridge also demonstrates to students that any idea can come to fruition, which is also demonstrated in the amount of student art on the walls. There are student chalkings, student photographs and there will soon be a continuous  art series. This space serves as a public and creative area to hold events, especially when it is difficult to get spaces through the school.

Best sellers?

Madelyn B Bucher

The Bridge does not intend to compete with the Dav or Starbucks. It is merely a student driven community base and an outlet for events. Other spaces on campus are not as malleable for events and because this area is, the idea of providing coffee fit. The Bridge started with a smaller menu because they wanted employees to get accustomed to the work, as not all of the staff had barista training. The goal is to add to the food and drink menu every two weeks, which includes specialty croissants. The best selling drink items are the both the Nutella and cookie butter lattes. 

Next time you need your coffee fix or just to sit in some comfy chairs surrounded by stacks of board games, look no further than the Bridge. Get a nitro cold brew for me.