After eating collard greens and cornbread your whole life, it is safe to say that eating abroad in Germany will be a huge change (a good change of course). German cuisine is low-key slept on and it is quite upsetting. There are definitely differences between how America and Germany dine out.

For two and a half weeks, I spent time traveling to see my aunt in Germany. She told me before I came things were going to be a little different from what I was used to. 

As an American in Germany, it was extremely important to learn that things were not going to be the same as they were here. It is imperative that you come to terms with that before you decide to travel.

It is important to know the biggest differences between how America and Germany dine out. These are things that are not common in the States so be sure to know what to do before you decide to dine in Germany.

Ordering Food

When dining in German restaurants, it is common courtesy to place your menus on the table when knowing what you want. If you don't, the waiter will never come to your table. It is one thing German natives do not like...wasting time!

Ordering Water

Unlike American restaurants, water is not free. In fact, water can be around two to three euros. You will also have to decide if you want water with or without gas. 

Paying for Your Meal

When finishing your meal, the waiter will not ask you if you are ready for the check. You politely call over the waiter and ask to receive your bill.

French Fries

Based on my experience, receiving fries was an option with almost every meal. At least you know that there is something you can eat if you are a picky eater. 

Paying to Use the Restroom

When dining out, expect to pay a small fee of around 70 cent to use the restroom. This keeps the restrooms nice and neat (they really are clean). Not all facilities are like this, but it is better to be safe than sorry when its time to go!

It would be an understatement to say some of these things are a bit strange and others completely awesome. Who doesn't like a clean restroom? Maybe things will change stateside, but until then I'll rely on memories and refrain from using public restrooms.