If you’re plant-based and active in the kitchen, you’re probably familiar with classic vegan food blogs like Minimalist Baker, Oh She Glows, and Love and Lemons. However, if you kitchen routines are getting a little repetitive, I can bet you're probably eager for some fresh ideas. Here’s a rundown of some incredible vegan food blogs that you should check out ASAP. 

Vegan Richa

If you're looking for easy, nutritious recipes that are full of flavor, look no further than Vegan Richa. The blog features a wide variety of cuisines with bold flavors and healthy ingredients.  Recipes include warm, filling dinners like malai kofta, refreshing drinks like turmeric lassis, or savory snacks such as pakora waffles. My favorite meals on the blog are the super creamy Roasted Red Pepper Pasta topped with crunchy black pepper chickpeas, and the easy and savory Vegetable Coconut Korma that's comforting and nutritious–perfect for late-night studying.

Chez Jorge

This next blog is extra special because it's run by George Lee, a student right here at UC Berkeley (Go Bears!). Chez Jorge features Taiwanese vegan recipes with creative substitutes for non-vegan proteins, such as tofu-based vegan fried eggs. There's even a section devoted to street food showcasing mouthwatering recipes like filled buns and scallion pancakes. All the recipes on Chez Jorge are detailed and easy to follow, and produce incredibly flavorful meals. Check out the Mongolian Tofu for a technique that creates an unbelievably crispy textured tofu, cooked in a sweet and savory sauce (and make sure to add the chilies for some heat!). 

Eat Figs Not Pigs

How can you not drool over recipes like cinnamon toast crunch french toast bites and vegan birria tacos? Eat Figs Not Pigs is a collection of plant-based recipes meant to make you feel warm and cozy. The writer of the blog, Ashley, focuses on making comfort foods and fun treats vegan. There's something for everyone whether you prefer sweet, savory, or deep fried and filled with cheese. My favorite is her Vegan Crab Rangoon recipe, that somehow transforms heart of palm and vegan cream cheese into a velvety filling for a crispy dumpling. They're so good I’ve never managed to save leftovers, despite the huge portions this recipe makes. 

Lazy Cat Kitchen

Lazy Cat Kitchen features fun vegan recipes that are equally eye-catching and delicious. This blog has a ton of super creative recipes that you won’t find anywhere else, like baked duck spring rolls and portuguese custard tarts. Other than inventive meals that incorporate a huge variety of different fruits and vegetables, Lazy Cat Kitchen has an abundance of recipes for delicious pastries and desserts. If you love to bake, make sure to check out this Semla recipe, a vegan version of the Swedish cardamom sweet bun filled with marzipan and cream. 

The Curious Chickpea

The Curious Chickpea is one of the first vegan blogs I found when I changed my diet to be completely plant-based. The blog is a blessing for new vegans, and features a ton of plant-based cheese recipes like vegan queso fresco and roasted jalapeño cheese. Look here for inventive meal ideas like veggie burgers, soups, bowls and pizzas to keep dinner exciting the entire week. Next time it's cold and foggy outside, try making the Meatball Subs with Homemade Mozzarella for a toasty, soul-warming plant-based meal.

Rabbit and Wolves

If Zoom school is bearing heavy on your spirits, maybe you need this blog, which is entirely dedicated to cooking vegan comfort food. You can be sure to satisfy all your cravings, with mouthwatering dishes like truffled white vegan mac and cheese and garlic ranch seitan wings. Rabbit and Wolves recipes are creative and fun, and will even excite your non-vegan friends about plant-based cooking. One of my favorite recipes is the Spicy Kale and Romesco Pasta, which is simple but delicious enough for me to justify making it every week. 

Cooking plant-based can be really easy, but it definitely doesn't feel that way when you're out of inspiration. Next time you're hungry and lacking creativity in the kitchen, you don't have to resort to ramen. Instead, check out one of these vegan food blogs for new recipes.