Yesterday, users on X went into a frenzy over the news of Chili’s Grill and Bar closing some locations. It is a bit confusing with reports stating Chili’s is shutting its doors across America this year. According to MSN, Chili’s has closed three locations so far in Fort Wayne, IN, St. Joseph, MO, and Charlotte, NC. The news is a bit complicated to digest. While it is true that some Chili’s locations are closing, the chain is not closing its doors permanently. Despite, the chain announcing it won't be closing on X and alleviating the concerns of its Chili’s lovers, that hasn't stopped many from posting their thoughts. We have rounded up the best reactions that might make you take a trip to your local Chili’s.

1. Chili’s is needed. 

We all have that one comfort food spot.


 Triple dippers and baby back ribs forever.

3. Woah there, let's not bring other chains into this. 

As an Applebee's Grill and Bar lover, leave my comfort chain out of this. 

4. Chili’s the place for mukbags and friendships. 

My favorite type of hangout, TBH. There’s nothing better than sharing appetizers and getting tipsy at a chain restaurant on a Monday. 

5. Know your worth. 

Not believing a rumor, because you're a loyal customer is the ultimate flex. 

6. Save Chili’s by…buying stocks??

I’m not saying to do this BTW.

7. Live, laugh, love Chili’s.

Chili’s would love you. 

8. Spreading false information is never a vibe.

It is rude.

9. You heard it here folks. 

Chili’s wouldn’t lie to you.