Colorado College lacks a large variety of on-campus dining options, but when each cafe has varying specials and hours based on the day of the week, new students especially may find the dining scene difficult to navigate. This guide covers the best places to eat on-campus each night of the week, satisfying both your stomach and meal plan money.

Monday: Rastall's Meatless Mondays

frittata, omelette, potato
Lauren Wilmott

Crowds of students heading away from Rastall during prime dinner hours can only mean one thing: it's Meatless Monday. Many students complain about this weekly tradition, but the meatless options are surprisingly delicious, and Rastall is consistently less crowded than on any other night. 

Instead of simply serving up a burger bar or slabs of chicken, the Bon Appetit staff cook up delicious vegetable cakes, risottos, and wraps. If you can go without meat for a night, you're doing the environment a favor and treating yourself to a fantastic dinner. 

Tuesday: Preserve Pasta Night

vegetable, pasta, sauce, parsley, basil, broccoli
Laura Santi

Warning: once you start going, you'll never be able to stop. Every Tuesday night, the Preserve offers a pasta bar complete with your choice of meat or tofu, vegetable toppings, white or whole wheat pasta, and alfredo, marinara, or pesto sauce. You can enjoy your personal pasta creation complete with a breadstick or dinner roll on the side.

Wednesday: Benji's Grill

lettuce, bun, hamburger, tomato, beef, arugula
Laura Santi

If you're on meal plan C and can't afford the ribeye steak, the grill is a good backup. Not much is happening dinner-wise on Wednesday nights, but Benji's grill always features freshly-made burgers, chicken tenders, and sandwiches. If you're vegetarian, they serve veggie burgers as well.

Thursday: Mo's Classics at Benji's

pork, chicken, rice
Lauren Wilmott

Formerly Shuba's Classics, Mo's Classics is the new Benji's special available Monday-Thursday night. Mo cooks up delicious rice and sauces complete with your choice of meat or tofu, and if you're lucky, a piece of naan. His dishes lean towards the spicier side, but if you can take the heat, they're well worth your money.

Friday: Wooglin's

Lauren Wilmott

Treat yourself to a dinner out after a long week —Wooglin's is still on-campus, but less crowded than the other restaurants. You can pay with Gold Card Plus or simply cash if you're running low on meal plan money. Wooglin's doesn't offer any Friday specials, but the wraps are always a good choice.

Saturday: Preserve Mac and Cheese Bar

pasta, sauce, spinach, chicken
Lauren Wilmott

More pasta? Yes, please. If you're a fan of the Tuesday night pasta bar, the macaroni bar only improves your Preserve experience. Similar toppings are available for your choosing, including bacon, ham, broccoli, and spinach. As with the pasta bar, you'll get a breadstick on the side.

Sunday: Rastall

vegetable, salad, pepper, lettuce, carrot, tomato, onion
Julia Gilman

Rastall doesn't offer any Sunday specials, but since Wooglin's and Benji's are closed, your options are limited. Create your own salad to detox your body after the weekend, but don't forget to grab that piece of cheesecake on your way out.

Hopefully this guide gives you some insight into Colorado College's dining selections. Even though Rastall and the Preserve are open every night, it can't hurt to incorporate some variety into your diet. Freshmen: the days of eating at Rastall every night are over.