If you recently scored higher than expected on the basic-ness test (i.e. Starbucks fraps, Ugg boots, and yoga pants), then you might be looking for ways to become less mainstream and more flawless. While you may choose to cling to your yoga pants (no judgement), you can still update your fridge with Trader Joe's snacks that are super fly.

Yes, fall is upon us, but resist the urge to pile your cart with all things pumpkin spice. If you are feeling like a big spender, check out the other list of Trader Joe's goodies to grab. 

Here is your next shopping list to the great TJ's, courtesy of your favorite personal shopper. 

1. Soy Creamy Mini Vanilla Sandwiches — $2.99

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Taylor Villanueva

Always start with dessert. If you are low-key lactose intolerant like I am, these will be a dream come true for your ice cream fix at 2 am.

2. Organic Riced Cauliflower — $1.99

Taylor Villanueva

Eat your veggies and make your momma proud by adding this as a side dish to pasta, burritos, or add into a vegetable chicken stir fry. Good stuff.

3. Roasted Plantain Chips — $1.69

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Taylor Villanueva

My new favorite find that I have been force-feeding to all my friends. Awesome substitute for potato chips and the cure for all the salt cravings.

4. Ruby Red Grapefruit — $0.99 

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Taylor Villanueva

Next to oatmeal, this is the most dad breakfast possible. However, there are some dope ways to eat it as dessert, and other grown up ways to incorporate it in an adult dinner like grapefruit shrimp salad

5. Creamy Fresh Goat Cheese with Herbs — $2.99

Taylor Villanueva

Goat cheese is life. And to prove that, here's three other ways to utilize it in some super fly recipes like Prosciutto and Goat Cheese Crostini With a Balsamic GlazeApple, Goat Cheese and Honey Quesadilla, or add it into a boxed mac and cheese for a tangy kick. 

6. Breaded Cod Fillets — $5.99

Taylor Villanueva

YES. Thank you TJ's for making fish easy. For some reason, the regular frozen cuts resist me and turn out terribly in my oven so these easy-bake breaded fish nuggets are amazing. In the cart you go!

7. Organic Baked Tofu (Savory Flavor) — $3.69

Taylor Villanueva

What Trader Joe's list would be complete without some weird healthy food. I love tofu as an addition to salads and stir fries, like this recipe.

So although TJ's has an endless number of pumpkin spice snacks, throw something a little less basic in your cart this year.