If there's one day a father should step away from the grill, it's Father's Day. Most fathers love a juicy steak cooked just the way they like it, often not too raw, but not too dry. Many task themselves with learning how to cook the perfect steak over anything, and we're lucky enough to be their taste testers. It's that time of the year where taking them to a steakhouse not only gives them the one food they want, but thanks them for all that they do besides, you know, grilling steaks. So, here you have it — the best steakhouse for celebrating Father's Day in every single state. 

Alabama: R Davidson Chophouse

Dad is sure to know his meats if you are kicking it in the south, so make everyone happy with a melt in your mouth, flavorful steak at R Davidson Chophouse. The best steakhouse for Father's Day is a Tuscaloosa favorite he is sure to love. 

Alaska: Club Paris 

Tell your dad you're taking him to Paris, show up here, and he will love you more for this than for any trip to Europe. Club Paris is especially proud of their four-inch thick filet mignon. 

Arizona: Silver Saddle

These glistening cuts are mouth watering. Cooked on an open fire and served with a side of beans, a steak at Silver Saddle will have you and dad channeling your inner cowboy. 

Arkansas: Doe's Eat Place

Give dad an extra smile by telling him he is joining a list of celebrity dads to eat here including Tom Cruise and John Ritter. Steaks come by the pound to accommodate family style meals, but let's let dad tackle one on his own. 

California: Boa Steakhouse

In true Hollywood style, Boa Steakhouse puts on a show but does not sacrifice any taste. Owned by the Innovative Dining Group, these people know food with other venters including successful sushi restaurants. 

Colorado: Flagstaff House

Dinner with a view (and the mountains look nice, too). The family owned Flagstaff House knows how to present a meal while still having the best tasting steak around. 

Connecticut: Barbarie's Black Angus Grill

Leave dad forgetting that the Northeast is known for seafood with Barbarie's Black Angus Grill. While every steakhouse takes pride in the quality of their beef, it takes special quality meals to stand out the way Barbarie's does. 

Delaware: Harry's Savoy Grill

If University of Delaware students step off campus, it's because their parents are visiting and they want to take them to Harry's Savoy Grill. Wilmington, Delaware is full of amazing food so dad is sure to enjoy this classic. 

Florida: Bern's Steakhouse

If you want a restaurant to be famous for two things, steak and dessert are it. Bern's Steakhouse is known for those two things, so there is no doubt dad will need a food-induced-nap after this night out. 

Georgia: Bone's

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Morgan Goldberg

With a melt in your mouth steak like this, Dad's work-free day includes barely even needing to chew. Bone's has received the award for the best steak in Atlanta for the past 16 years. 

Hawaii: The Beach House

Dinner by the beach will add an extra relaxation to the day without the price of a spa package like on Mother's Day. The best steakhouse for Father's Day doesn't have to be a super rugged place, as long as the steak is served just right, like it is at The Beach House.

Idaho: Pioneer Saloon

Odds are that dad will start reminiscing past holidays through your childhood as he chases his steak with their advertised hard liquor. Pair it with a Cowboy Cut Rib Steak and dad is in for a great night at the Pioneer Saloon. 

Illinois: Harry Caray's Italian Steakhouse

Sox or Cubs fans aside, Harry Caray's puts a love for steak over any differences. The sportscaster's legacy lives on through a few of the best locations in the Chicago-land area to find steak.

Indiana: Janko's Little Zagreb

Keep it to just you and dad or bring the entire family to Janko's Little Zagreb. This place encourages it all and they're especially welcoming to local students and alumni. A 28 ounce Choice Cut Porterhouse with a baked potato on the side is a match made in heaven. 

Iowa: Iowa Chop House 

This is where University of Iowa students go when they want to feel fancy, which means dad will appreciate it on his special day. Like most steakhouses, Iowa Chop House believes in fresh local ingredients but it is the way that they prepare it that makes this such a notable location.  

Kansas: J Gilbert's Wood-Fired Steaks and Seafood

Found a few other places in the states but a must visit in Kansas, J Gilbert's Wood-Fired Steaks and Seafood has a three course menu for Father's Day. Swap your classic New York Strip for a Kansas City Strip and you will be set. 

Kentucky: Columbia's Steakhouse

Considered some of the best food in Kentucky, Columbia's Steakhouse has something for every dad. They even have a "Columbia Steak Express" that offers everything from their regular menu. 

Louisiana: Galatoire's 33 Bar & Steak

Galatoire's 33 Bar & Steak is prepared to pull out all of the stops for Father's Day, as if their filet mignon and USDA prime ribeye weren't enough. Their location in central New Orleans on Bourbon Street could be the perfect opportunity to add a little party to the day. 

Maine: Hurricane Restaurant 

The menu at Hurricane Restaurant changes daily so expect them to pull out the big guns, or big steaks for Father's day weekend. The key here is to pair dad's steak with their award winning wine list. Their location on the Maine coast is a perfect dinner setting. 

Maryland: Nick's Chophouse

If an 18 ounce Bone-In Steak doesn't show love, then I do not know what will. Nick's Chophouse's signature steaks are made with care through their aging and cooking process. 

Massachusetts: The Bancroft

Although just established in 2014, The Bancroft is bound to leave dad satisfied and intrigued with their mix of the old and the new.  

Michigan: The Chop House

The Chop House prides themselves in their consistency, so Father's Day will be no different. You can't go wrong, but the espresso rubbed filet mignon should not be looked over

Minnesota: Manny's Steakhouse

A Minneapolis favorite, the menu at Manny's Steakhouse changes daily and some items are limited. You get to know exactly what you're eating, but make sure you get there in time to enjoy it all. 

Mississippi: The Oxford Grillehouse

The meat pairing options at The Oxford Grillehouse are somewhat decadent, but not too far off from tradition that dad will still be willing to try it. Everyone should take their chance to top their steak with crawfish or crab meat.

Missouri: JJ's Restaurant

Keep the juices flowing (with literal juice) at JJ's Restaurant. Don't pass up JJ's Pride, a 12 oz. steak that make this place not just the best steakhouse for Father's Day, but the best filet for Father's Day. 

Montana: Whitefish Lake Restaurant

The "hardy and simple" options at Whitefish Lake Restaurant are a Montana treat, with an extensive menu to fit their history. The attached golf course once worked double time as a plane landing strip, so this restaurant knows how to work with all changing conditions. 

Nebraska: Gorat's

Omaha, Nebraska has a solid steak history and Gorat's encompasses that more than anything. My own Dad, a Nebraska man himself, wishes he was returning here on his big day. 

Nevada: Tom Colicchio's Craftsteak

Add to the wow factor of the Las Vegas life by showing dad that he deserves the best of the best. Chef Tom Colicchio has taken what he learned from years of experience (like judging Top Chef) and applied it to his successful restaurant, Tom Colicchio's Craftsteak.  

New Hampshire: Hanover Street Chophouse

From start to finish, dad will be pleased with the entire experience at Hanover Streak Chophouse. The seasoning and cooking of a steak is what makes it great and this steakhouse knows what they're doing. 

New Jersey: Steve's Sizzling Steaks

Not many other steakhouses can say they've been successfully open for 80 years like Steve's Sizzling Steaks. Their focus on not only a great atmosphere, but a great steak must be the key their longevity and a great Father's Day. 

New Mexico: Bull Ring

Bull Ring, Santa Fe's "place for beef" is the only place to go, as they pride themselves as New Mexico's go-to steakhouse. Their location next to the state capitol building used to be their selling point until they turned their focus on having the best beef in the state. 

New York: Peter Luger Steak House 

Let dad know in on the secret of this amazing steak (pst, it's on-site dry aging) at Peter Luger Steak House. New Yorkers from all over the state claim this is the place to be. 

North Carolina: Angus Barn

Iron Chef America Winner Walter J Royal definitely knows how to please a crowd, no matter how tough a dad's judgement can be. Guests have come to expect not just great food but great memories at Angus Barn, which the servers now tailor into the experience. 

North Dakota: Badlands

They're known to treat everyone like a special guest, but make dad think it's just for him. Not to be confused with the Badlands National Park, at this Badlands you will be served some of the finest meat in the area. 

Ohio: XO Prime Steaks

While dad may not know who Kanye or Drake are, at least you will know they've dined at this Cleveland hotspot called XO Prime Steaks. Dining here is more than just a meal, but an experience.  

Oklahoma: Ranch Steakhouse

From 7 ounce to 20 ounce, dad is sure to find something he'll love, and maybe make a few friends with their lovely service. Ranch Steakhouse provides a first class dining experience that starts with great steak. 

Oregon: Oregon Electric Station

Oregon Electric Station has much more to offer than just their mouth-watering steak, but this is still the best steakhouse for Father's Day, with a beautifully cooked filet mignon or New York strip to choose from. 

Pennsylvania: The Log Cabin

Pennsylvania is an endless state with an endless amount of steakhouses, but a hidden gem among them all serves up a great atmosphere along with their steak. If beef isn't served in a cheesesteak, the only other place it belongs is in The Log Cabin.

Rhode Island: Mill's Tavern

Chef Edward Bolus is one of the top chefs in Rhode Island and he is about to serve your father the steak of his dreams at Mill's Tavern. Fun fact: Bolus regularly competes in oyster shucking competitions and is ranked as one of the top oyster shuckers in the nation. So, maybe try an appetizer of oysters as well. 

South Carolina: Halls Steakhouse

With an emphasis on family, Halls Steakhouse goes past their wet or dry aged options to ensure a well-rounded experience any day. Located in Greenville or Charleston, each location adds special touches to ensure a great meal each time. 

South Dakota: Cattleman's Club

Starting off as a father-son bar, Cattleman's Club encompasses family values in the father's advice provided on the menu to ensure ideally cooked, flavorful meat. 

Tennessee: Ye Olde Steak House

I'm sure there's a dad joke somewhere in the name of this place, and Father's Day is exactly the day you have to let those slide. Founded in 1968, Ye Olde Steak House steaks have impressed the likes of Tennessee football fans and Man Vs. Food's Adam Richmond. 

Texas: Y.O. Steakhouse

Not falling short of the "everything is bigger in Texas" stereotype, it'll be hard to stop with steak between Y.O Steakhouse's barbecue and chicken options.

Utah: Grub Steak Restaurant   

Take dad out for a day on the slopes in Park City and work up an appetite. You'll both need it to tackle the steak on the menu at Grub Steak Restaurant, or the 28 ounce prime rib.  

Vermont: EB Strong's Prime Steakhouse 

Father's Day makes this the perfect occasion to try as much as possible from EB Strong's Prime Steakhouse's menu. From Filet Mignon to New York Strip, there's no way you can go wrong. The buttery flavor of USDA Prime Steaks is reason enough to try them. 

Virginia: Ray's The Steaks

Ray's the Steaks offer "butchering expertise" on top of their premium steaks, all with a guaranteed low price to make dad forget that he pays for the credit card this meal is going on. 

Washington: The Metropolitan Grill

Voted the best steak in town, this place will treat your dad right. The Metropolitan Grill provides both quality and quantity with their large steak menu. They'll give him the options he deserves, because who knows what steak cut he'll be feeling that day.

West Virginia: Prime 44 West at The Greenbrier

Earn bonus points with dad by knowing it was named after Jerry West, an NBA legend and West Virginia native. All of the land meats at Prime 44 West at The Greenbrier are deemed prime and labeled gluten free.

Wisconsin: Five O'Clock Steakhouse

Five O'Clock Steakhouse sticks to the classics, because sometimes that is all steak needs to be. Don't let this one go to his head, but a king size filet mignon is the only serving size right for a great father.  

Wyoming: Cavalryman Steakhouse

You can't be the best steakhouse for Father's Day without a good story to back your meat. The only thing richer than the history surrounding the land is the steak itself at Cavalryman Steakhouse. Just don't forget to assure your dad that is steak is better than any other steakhouse's.