Who doesn't love a movie that has to do with food? What makes movies about food so great is that there is more to them than just the dishes being created. These types of movies, in general, allow an audience to create a connection and appreciation for food that they might not otherwise make. One can see the dedication and passion that goes into being a chef, the cultural aspects of cuisine, and how food brings people together. Movies about food show the love people have for cuisine and the memories people make with food. Here are a few of the best scenes from some of your favorite culinary movies.

The Hundred-Foot Journey

One of the most iconic scenes in The Hundred-Foot Journey is when Hassan cooks Madame Mallory an omelet. The music playing in the background while Hassan is cooking and there being no words spoken between him and Madame Mallory, allows the audience to recognize how talented of a chef Hassan really is. You are able to focus on Madame Mallory's expressions towards Hassan and Hassan's knowledge and love for cooking. 


In Ratatouille, Remy (the rat) decides to make ratatouille, which is often considered a simple dish, for Anton Ego the famous food critic. When Anton first see's the ratatouille he is taken back by the dish but once he tries it he is amazed at how delicious it tastes. The ratatouille reminds him of a happy memory he has of his childhood. If you can get over the idea of a rat cooking you dinner, this clip will have your mouth watering. 


This scene shows how important the Michelin guide is to chefs and restaurants. The best chefs and restaurants around the world strive to receive a Michelin star. The food and service at restaurants must be considered perfect to receive a star. Burnt shows the serious and difficult aspects that come from working at such a famous restaurant. I'm also not mad Bradley Cooper is the lead. 

 Julie & Julia

In Julie & Julia, Julia Child goes against the norms of what women should do for fun and where women should work in society. She decides to pursue what she loves doing and that is eating and cooking which eventually leads to her becoming world famous. Julia is the only woman in her cooking class but that doesn't stop or intimidate her from being the most enthusiastic person there. 


Chef is a fun movie that makes you happy and hungry; there is a great soundtrack and even better food being made. Carl has a passion for making every-day food incredible and this comes across in the incredible cinematography. This clip is from the part of the movie where Carl and Martin have just fixed the food truck that Carl bought after quitting his job at a restaurant and are getting ready to open for business. I'm left wishing this food truck existed. 

There are so many different movies that have to do with food. Some are fun and playful like Chef while others are more serious like Burnt. What they all have in common? The ability to make your mouth water.