Dinner and movie has always been a winning combination. Whether you’re dining with a significant other or just friends, this combo is great to strike up conversation over food and then enjoy each other’s company in a theater. But last night was the night to take advantage of dinner and movie – food truck style.

The HOP showcased Chef, starring Jon Favreau, Scarlett Johansson, Soía Vergara and Robert Downey Jr. Even better, Dartmouth’s very own food truck, TheBOX, was serving dinner. Their famous Mediterranean-inspired items were enough to draw a crowd ready to munch on a movie-themed meal.


Photo by Josh Renaud

Warning: Spoiler alert. If you haven’t watched Chef, here are 5 reasons why you should.

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Photo from Chef the Movie

Chef tells the story of self-rediscovery of, obviously, a chef. Unfortunately, the owner of the restaurant was a huge prick and basically forced Chef Carl Casper to cook boring, ordinary dishes. With a few, actually many, scathing words from a food blogger, Carl loses his reputation. Honestly, it wasn’t entirely the blogger’s fault – Carl learned the hard way that a few words on Twitter can create a huge fire. Boys and girls, watch what you tweet.

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Photo from Chef the Movie

After some soul searching, or rather a Cuban sandwich, in Miami, Carl is finally convinced by his ex-wife to start a food truck. With a rundown food truck, his son and a trusty friend, Carl starts El Jefe the food truck. Traveling across the country, El Jefe attracts customers far and wide as Carl’s son, a 10-year-old social media whiz tweets about their adventures. With the freedom to cook the way he wants to, Carl remembers his love for food while also bonding with his son. It’s truly a feel-good movie that leaves you grinning – and hungry.

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Photo from Chef the Movie

But let’s forget the movie and talk about the food. The filmography of the food was amazing and hunger inducing. You could see all the details from Carl prepping to plating the final dish. It was food porn to the highest power. Anyone who loves food will enjoy the storyline but will also get the same orgasmic pleasure experienced when watching Food Network. I only wished I could smell the food and actually feast.

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Photo from Chef the Movie

What’s better than eating TheBOX food and watching Chef? Eating a Cuban sandwich that you made yourself while curling up on your couch and seeing Chef when it comes out on DVD. Can’t wait for that day.