Celebrities are really a lot like us—they hang out with friends, go on vacation, and most importantly, they eat. Whether you're the kind of fan who snaps a pic or just gawks at a celebrity spotting, these restaurants across the country have all fed a star. So, if you want to eat where a celebrity has, here's where to go in your state.

Alabama: Brick Pit 

Alabama is full of bbq joints, but if it narrows your dinner-choice at all, you might find Nicholas Cage at Brick Pit in Mobile. Decision made?

Alaska: Alaska State Fair 

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner traveled all the way across the country to hang out at the Alaska State Fair, and with a donut sandwich like this, we don't really need any further explanation. 

Arizona: Piazza Gavi Italian Restaurant

Known: Lance Armstrong has been spotted at Piazza Gavi Italian Restaurant in Tucson. Unknown: Did he bike there?

Arkansas: Arthur's Prime Steakhouse 

Jennifer Lopez might have stepped out of her NYC turf to visit Arthur's Prime Steakhouse in Little Rock, but don't worry, she's still Jenny from the block. 

California: The Nice Guy 

"The trendiest celebrities in LA" dine at The Nice Guy, including Drake, Nicki Minaj, Gigi, and Zayne. Would expect this food is extraordinary—after all, you are what you eat. 

Colorado: The Palace Restaurant

The Palace Restaurant in Durango is owned by Oprah's former chef Paul Gelose, and Oprah has dined here herself in support. Hopefully they had some nice bread for her.

Connecticut: Barberie's Black Angus Grill 

Barberie's Black Angus Grill in Danbury is an absolute must-try. Why? Two words: Channing Tatum. 

Delaware: Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

Go to Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and kill two birds with one stone—get your drink on and potentially learn some science with Bill Nye.

Florida: The Forge Restaurant & Wine Bar

Channel your inner Venus Williams at The Forge Restaurant in Miami Beach. 

Georgia: Watershed on Peachtree 

Reese Witherspoon, Jane Fonda, and Jennifer Lawrence have all dined at Watershed in Atlanta. We all know how much Jennifer Lawrence loves her food, so I'd highly recommend.

Hawaii: Hoku's 

50 First Dates stars Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore have dined at Hoku's, a hidden restaurant within The Kahala Hotel & Resort in Honolulu. Only question is, do we think Drew remembers it? 

Idaho: Grumpy's

Grumpy's is one of Tom Hanks faves when he visits his house in Ketchum, Idaho. I can't imagine feeling too grumpy with a huge beer in my left hand and Tom Hanks sitting to my right. 

Illinois: Chicago Cut Steakhouse 

Take a much deserved break from hours of shopping around Chicago by grabbing a bite at Chicago Cut Steakhouse. Running into Kristin Cavallari or Robin Thicke is a little more epic than running into Forever 21. 

Indiana: Long's Bakery 

If Martha Stewart finds time to visit Long's Bakery in Indianapolis, I know you can too.  

Iowa: Flying Mango 

Join Guy Fieri at Flying Mango in Des Moines for some dynamite comfort food. Help me out though, is Flavortown in Des Moines?

Kansas: Doo-Dah Diner 

Stop by the Doo-Dah Diner next time you're spending time in Wichita, and do as Harrison Ford does. With a breakfast and lunch menu like this, you'll find me here any doo-dah day. 

Kentucky: Apollo Pizza

Alton Brown knows he's guaranteed some good eats at Apollo Pizza in Richmond. 

Louisiana: Café Amelie

Try Café Amelie in New Orleans. Beyonce eats here. Need I say more? 

Maine: Big J's Chicken Shack

A stop by Big J's Chicken Shack in Portland will def get you some bomb chicken, maybe a pic with Shay Mitchell, and potentially a run-in with A.

Maryland: The Land of Kush 

Try The Land of Kush on your next Baltimore visit because nothing sounds better than sharing vegan soul food with the king of soul, Stevie Wonder. 

Massachusetts: Sonsie

Sonsie in Boston has a menu the size of Mike Tyson's muscles. I wonder what he chose for his meal? 

Michigan: Zingerman's Delicatessen 

As an avid Zingerman's enthusiast, I am confident this Ann Arbor stable was presidentially worthy of Barack Obama's visit. 

Minnesota: Spoon and Stable

If your questioning weather or not to eat at Spoon and Stable in Minneapolis, Al Roker would def say the answer is yes.

Mississippi: Keifer's Restaurant 

If celebrity chef and Greek-American, Cat Cora, loves the authentic food at Keifer's Restaurant in Jackson, you will too.   

Missouri: Tractors Classic American Grill

Game plan: visit Tractors in Jackson, find Morgan Freeman, ask him to read you the menu repeatedly while you passionately enjoy your meal. 

Montana: Cateye Cafe 

Check out the Cateye Cafe in Bozeman for a chance to spot Gene Simmons eating—am I the only one who thinks his tongue would make this a remarkable sight?

Nebraska: eCreamery

With flavors like Shark Bait, caramel apple, and turtle cheesecake, the eCreamery in Omaha will not disappoint. Confused why Paul McCartney chose vanilla for his scoop, but he's forgiven cuz he's Paul McCartney. 

Nevada: Andrea's

You could get some major poker face lessons while in Las Vegas by meeting Lady Gaga here at Andrea's

New Hampshire: O Steaks & Seafood 

1 lb lobster mac and cheese + Adam Sandler at O Steaks & Seafood in Laconia = wild night. 

New Jersey: Rails Steakhouse

Both Nick Cannon and Nick Jonas have both been spotted at Rails Steakhouse in Towaco, so which Nick is next? Nicolas Cage? Nick Offerman? You're the chosen ones. 

New Mexico: CJ's Si Señior

What's the only thing better than eating authentic Mexican cuisine at CJ's Si Señior in Alamogordo? Seeing Chris Hemsworth while eating authentic Mexican cuisine at CJ's. 

New York: The VNYL

Celebs eat everywhere in NYC, but once someone saw Lindsay Lohan eating at The VNYL in East Village, so I ate at The VINYL in East Village.

North Carolina: French Broad Chocolate Lounge

When you know that Jude Law ate French Broad Chocolate Lounge in Asheville, you know that you must follow. You don't question Jude Law. 

North Dakota: North Dakota State Fair

Nitro Circus' daredevils spent some time out west at the North Dakota State Fair in Minot—do you dare do the same? 

Ohio: Blue Point Grille

I wonder if Samuel L. Jackson had a "tasty burger" when he ate at Blue Point Grille in Cleveland.

Oklahoma: Micky Mantle's Steakhouse 

Remember our Morgan Freeman plan? Replace talking with singing, and apply to Kristen Chenoweth at Mickey Mantle's Steakhouse in Oklahoma City.

Oregon: Departure Restaurant & Lounge 

Make friends with Michael Jordan at Departure in Portland—you might find yourself with a new basketball teammate. 

Pennsylvania: Sabrina's Café 

Because there will never be a better story than you eating brunch with Jake Gyllenhaal at Sabrina's Café in Philadelphia. 

Rhode Island: Olympia Tea Room

With multiple Taylor Swift and friend (like Ed Sheeran and Calvin Harris) sightings, your best chance of ever getting into Taylor's squad is at Olympia Tea Room in Watch Hill.

South Carolina: FIG

When Darius Rutger says Fig is "the best restaurant in Charleston," you listen. 

South Dakota: State Game Lodge Dining Room

Though Presidents Coolidge and Eisenhower were the last of our leaders to visit the State Game Lodge Dining Room in Custer State Park, who knows—this presidentially fit establishment could get a visit from Trump any day now. 

Tennessee: Bongo Java

Bongo Java in Nashville is not your average hipster coffee shop. Do you think Nicole Kidman would go to your average hipster coffee shop? 

Texas: La Frite Belgian Bistro

Eva Longoria was spotted eating at La Frite in San Antonio for a birthday celebration. See you there March 15th next year. 

Utah: Wahso Asian Grill

Park it at Park City's Wahso for a potential Lena Dunham run-in. 

Vermont: Fair Haven Inn

Fair Haven Inn is a fair spot for both a classy meal and a classy Sandra Bullock. 

Virginia: Mug N' Muffin

Get your coffee and sweet fix with a side politics. Find Hillary Clinton at Mug N' Muffin in Stone Ridge.

Washington: Cupcake Royale

Catch Jason Segel chowing down on "Seattle's best cupcake" at Cupcake Royale in Capitol Hill. 

West Virginia: Pies and Pints

Pies and Pints? More like pies, pints and...popular celebs, amirite? Find Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck here in Charleston.

Wisconsin: Chives Restaurant

Chives in Green Bay is fittingly serving both green ice cream and Green Bay Packar's player Aaron Rodgers. 

Wyoming: The Gun Barrel Steak & Game House

Last but not least, The Gun Barrel Steak & Game House in Jackson Hole is filled with high-quality steak, eclectic antiques, Adam Sandler, and maybe even you.  

From the north to the south and the east to the west, celebs have dined all over our country. So pick your favorite star, hop in the car, and make your way to one of these celeb-worthy restaurants. You'll def get an amazing meal, and who knows? You might even walk away with an autograph, too!