It's springtime, and that means three things: the pollen is poppin' off, your schoolwork is at its peak, and the weather is perfect for a picnic! Getting outside is the best stress relief with finals season looming. Before summer rolls around, grab your friends and enjoy that nature scene, hunny. Here are the best picnic spots in Atlanta to bring a packed lunch and have a much-needed lovely lazy afternoon. 

Lullwater Park

Lullwater Park, at the heart of Emory's campus, is the cutest college oasis I've ever seen. With a gorgeous lake, walking bridges, and a waterfall, there are so many spots I have yet to explore. Lullwater is the best place to take a study break (aka lay in the grass and cry). Bring your friends! Bring a sandwich! 

Atlanta Botanical Garden

If you are an aesthetic queen like me, you want that picture-perfect picnic that will look great on the Insta. The Atlanta Botanical Garden is the weekend outing for you! Boasting city views, evening concerts, urban green spaces, and rotating exhibits, you will never have the same picnic twice here. Take a day off. 

Piedmont Park

With over 200 acres of green space, Piedmont Park is the place for a relaxing day of snacks and tanning (or sunburning for me). If you hit the park on a Saturday, be sure to catch the Green Market to grab some fresh food. Just BYOB - bring your own blanket, of course - and enjoy.

Stone Mountain Park

Face of Stone Mountain SP NC110141

bobistraveling on Flickr

If exercise is your preferred form of stress relief, try conquering the rigorous 20-minute hike to the top of Stone Mountain Park. With incredible views of the Atlanta skyline, this granite field is an awesome place to have a quick workout and meal before you head back to the library.

Sweetwater Creek State Park

Just a short drive out of the city, Sweetwater Creek State Park has every beautiful nature aspect you will ever want. Lake? Check. Forest? Yes. Views? Yup. Super cool Civil War ruins? Added bonus. Spend the day eating and exploring. Finals who?

School is no picnic, but springtime sure is! Forget about the bug bites, bad grades and sunburns, get outdoors, bask in the (fleeting) perfect weather, and enjoy the best picnic spots in Atlanta. Happy picnic-ing!