Picture this: It’s 2:52 p.m., your stomach is growling, and you have to be in class by 3. Maybe it’s 6:00 a.m. before the sun is even out and you’re headed to an early morning workout. Or, you’re stuck eating breakfast in your dining hall and know there is only ONE way to rescue the stale piece of bread that’s about to pop out of the toaster. The answer is simple: nut butter. 

We are here to confidently say that there is no other food quite like nut butter. Over the past few years we have watched a nut butter trend spring up, and we are most definitely not complaining. While we have been quietly drizzling nut butters on pancakes, adding them to smoothies, spreading them on toast, and enjoying them by the spoonful, we have also been compiling a guide of our favorite nut butters for every occasion.

So grab a jar, read along, and be sure to let us know your faves that we might have missed!

The best nut butter for...

When You're Feeling Smooth: Barney Butter

Riva Cooper

One of the saddest days of my childhood was when my elementary school went peanut-free, and the glory days of PB&J sandwiches was no more. When I transitioned over to almond butter, the thing I missed most was the ultra creamy consistency of peanut butter. But… Barney Butter saved the day! Their almond butter has the smoothest consistency out there, and they keep their ingredients super simple. 

#SpoonTip: Barney Butter pretty much makes an almond butter for everyone. We love their Chocolate Almond Butter, but their Bare Smooth flavor is perfect if you’re trying to steer clear of sugar or salt!

For When You're Craving Chocolate: Rawmio

Riva Cooper

We all love a certain chocolate-hazelnut spread, but its ingredients don’t exactly make it the best everyday snack. Rawmio is the perfect topping for fruit, toast, or ice cream. It’s made of raw hazelnuts, raw cacao nibs, and coconut sugar, and satisfies all of our chocolate cravings. 

#SpoonTip: make delicious 2 ingredient mint chocolate chip nice cream by blending together frozen bananas and a spoonful of Hazelnut Mint Rawmio. We topped ours with fresh mint and cacao nibs for an extra punch (& for our Instagram aesthetic).

For When You Need an Extra Boost: RX Nut Butter

Rachel Zhang

You’re probably familiar with RX’s whole food bars, but did you know they also make protein packed (9g!) nut butters?! Their almond and peanut blends include egg whites, dates, and “no B.S.,” making them the perfect pre-workout snack.

#SpoonTip: It may seem silly, but we seriously love drizzling RX nut butters on RX bars.

For When You're Feeling Festive: Wild Friends Holiday Blend 

Wild Friends is like that one friend you have who starts listening to holiday music on November 1. They sell a variety of festive peanut butters, with flavors ranging from pumpkin spice to sugar cookie. We suggest you pick up their Seasonal Variety Pack to taste these flavors and a couple more! If you’re looking for Wild Friends recipe inspo, check out @RachlMansfield on Insta! 

#SpoonTip: Stir some Wild Friends PB in oatmeal for a tasty & toasty breakfast.

For When You're on the Go: Justin's Squeeze Packs

Justin's is pretty much synonymous with squeezable nut butter packs. They are the perfect snack for when you're on the go and need a bite to eat. We especially love to keep a few packs of Justin's in our backpacks -- which comes in handy when the mid-class hunger hits. 

#SpoonTip: bring a pack of Justin's to your dining hall and spread it on toast or fruit!


We love these nut butters and are certain you will love them too! Let us know which you try, and don't forget to tag @Spoon_USC in pics of your fave nut butter recipes so we can feature you on our Insta!