For non-coffee drinkers like myself, it can be hard to find an appealing caffeinated drink to help keep you awake throughout the day. When I need that caffeine boost, I like to turn to iced chai lattes. While iced chai lattes can be made at home, they always end up tasting better when purchased at a coffee shop or cafe. Gainesville is full of cafes within walking distance from campus. On a search for the best iced chai latte in Gainesville, I visited three different cafes in the Midtown area.

Concord Coffee

Emma Stuart

Even though this coffeehouse is the farthest one from campus on this list, it is still easily walkable being only a ten minute walk from Marston Library. Featuring a nice, limited seating area, Concord Coffee is a great place to go study. With many drinks to choose from, this place is a great option for coffee and tea drinkers.

I ordered a sweetened iced chai latte with whole milk and it had a very light flavor with mild chai spice. Even though my drink was sweetened, I still did not find the drink to be very sweet. Additionally, there was more milk in my latte than I would have wanted as it took away from the chai flavor. Overall, I did find the drink to be refreshing and flavorful. I would definitely order it again.

Rating: 8/10


Emma Stuart

Sometimes chain coffee shops hit the spot. The thousands of Starbucks locations across the nation show that people like Starbucks so it must be doing something right. When I’m craving an iced chai latte, Starbucks is typically where I turn. There is something nice about having the convenience of a chain when craving a caffeinated drink. Being able to order from an app or get the drink delivered is not available for the other iced chai lattes on this list.

In terms of flavor, Starbucks’ iced chai latte is pretty good. There is a good blend of chai spices that aren’t too overpowering while also not being too faint where the spices are hard to taste. As expected from a chain coffee shop, this drink is on the sweet side. This sweetness can be overpowering at times and can feel as if you’re drinking a dessert. 

With a chain, you know exactly what you’re getting. Even though it isn’t my favorite option on this list, it is the most convenient and reliable option.

Rating: 7/10

Pascal’s Coffeehouse

Emma Stuart

Pascal’s Coffeehouse is a quaint cafe featuring two levels of seating areas perfect for a fun study date. Featuring a diverse menu of drinks and snacks, this place has a peaceful, calming vibe.

This iced chai latte is easily my favorite on this list. With an aromatic blend of spices, Pascal’s got the chai flavor almost perfectly. As this was the last iced chai latte I tried, I was starting to become bored with the chai flavor from other shops but was rejuvenated after the first sip of this drink. There was a great ratio of milk to chai making the drink light but still flavorful. This iced chai latte was sweeter than Concord’s but less sweet than Starbucks’ making it just right.

Rating: 9/10


Overall, I loved every iced chai latte I tried so you can’t go wrong with any of the options on this list. However, Pascal’s Coffeehouse’s iced chai latte has my heart and was my favorite iced chai latte on the list. It was delicious and gave me that caffeine boost that I need. Next time you find yourself in Pascal’s, I highly recommend their iced chai latte.