We all scream for ice cream, but what about toppings? Sure, a plain vanilla or chocolate cone can be satisfying, but sometimes we need something extra. That's where toppings come in. There seems to be endless topping options wherever you go, so it's good to know the best ice cream toppings.

1. Hot fudge

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Grace Bodkin

Hot fudge is the holy grail of the best ice cream toppings. It makes any flavor taste like a million bucks. The warm gooey chocolate is a classic staple to an ice cream sundae. Without hot fudge, the ice cream world would be even colder than it already is. 

2. Sprinkles

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Rianna Lloyd

Sprinkles are the colorful sugar bits that make your cone pics Instagram worthy. Of course, you could Instagram an ordinary vanilla cone, but if you throw some rainbow sprinkles on that baby, it's Insta gold. Ice cream looks naked without sprinkles.

3. Caramel

milk, syrup, caramel, dairy product, cream, chocolate, sweet
Naib Mian

If hot fudge isn't your thing, caramel probably is. Caramel has a buttery taste that isn't super overpowering, so a drizzle here and there works perfectly to compliment any flavor. Just try to keep the caramel inside the bowl, or you'll have a sticky situation on your hands...literally.

4. Oreos

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Torey Walsh

C'mon, Cookies and Cream is one of the most popular ice cream flavors of all time, so you know people like their ice cream with Oreos. If you don't want the smoothness of your ice cream to get messed up by the crunchiness of Oreos, mix the Oreos in and wait for them to soften up for the perfect bite.

5. Peanut butter cups

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Laura Palladino

Peanut butter cups give ice cream an upgrade simply because peanut butter is necessary to incorporate into every meal. If you don't add peanut butter cups to your ice cream, I will assume either two things: 1. You forgot to add them and are finding a way to get some or 2. You're allergic to peanut butter and can't eat them. If you don't have peanut allergies, give your ice cream some peanut lovin'.

6. Cookie dough

peanut, peanut butter, cake, butter, cookie, chocolate
Msu Spoon

Cookie dough may be something you would've never thought to add to your ice cream in the past, but dough is the future. Edible cookie dough has been insanely popular lately, so why not add some to your ice cream? It's like two snacks in one bowl. 

7. Whipped cream

You know the saying "you're never fully dressed without a smile?" I think no sundae is ever fully dressed without whipped cream. Whipped cream is my favorite topping because I use it as my pregame before the ice cream.

8. Hard chocolate coating

As a child, I was always amazed by hard chocolate coating. I didn't understand how it started off as a liquid and turned into a shell of chocolate. It turns out that ice cream cools off the chocolate, which causes it to harden. All I know is that ice cream tastes better covered in chocolate. 

9. Melted marshmallows

cream, chocolate, ice cream, marshmallow, ice
Leigh Beck

Marshmallow sauce may not be the first topping you think of for ice cream, but it's surprisingly good. When you add melted marshmallows to ice cream, it tastes like a cold s'more. If you're a s'mores fan, order a sundae with melted marshmallows and hot fudge and BAM! You just made yourself a s'mores sundae.

10. Cereal

Cereal has turned into more than the food you eat for breakfast. Even companies like Ben and Jerry's have made cereal ice cream flavors, so you know this trend is legit. Not only does cereal on top of ice cream taste good, but it also brings a nice color if you add cereals like Froot Loops or Fruity Pebbles.

11. Nuts

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Kirby Barth

I'll be honest, I'm not nuts about nuts. I don't like plain nuts too much because I don't think they have flavor. Regardless of my nut preferences, a lot of people like nuts on their ice cream. Whether it's peanuts, walnuts, or pecans, nuts can tame your ice cream.

12. Fruit

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Kristine Mahan

Ah, last but not least we have fruit. When you get ice cream, you aren't exactly being healthy, but adding some fruit might make you think otherwise. If you add fresh strawberries or pineapple, those juices can mix with your ice cream to give you an exotic taste.

While anything on top of ice cream tastes good, I think these are the best ice cream toppings. From a classic topping like hot fudge, to a newbie like cookie dough, toppings make ice cream fun. If you can't decide on just one topping, you can always get them all.