The weather is clearly getting much colder. That means months of frozen fingers and toes for Lexington, Virginia and the students of W&L. Good news: one of the best ways to break the chill is to eat. Here are some of the best foods to warm you up on a cold day. 


broth, carrot, bread, vegetable, cream, parsley, soup, bisque, butternut squash, butternut squash soup
Julia Gilman

This is a pretty obvious one. Everyone craves a nice, warm bowl of soup on a cold day. There is something about it that just screams, "I'm the perfect food for a cold day!" One of the best things about soup is that there are so many different kinds. You could go for broth, chowder, bisque, stew... the list goes on. Grab yourself a spoon and go to town. Or to the bottom of your bowl. 


coffee, cappuccino, espresso, milk, mocha
Amy Cho

This is my personal favorite way to take the edge off of the cold. It might be because I may have a slight coffee addiction, or because the atmosphere of a coffee shop in the winter is simply unparalleled. Anything ranging from a nice mug of black coffee to a Starbucks holiday peppermint mocha fills you with warmth. If you're in Lex, try Pronto. It's the absolute best if you're a major latte fan and need a caffeine fix.

Other Hot Drinks

tea, oil, jam
Jocelyn Hsu

Not a fan of the coffee flavor? Go with a milky steamer or a piping hot cup of tea. Combine the two and go for a tea latte. Here's how to make one at home. (It's actually much easier than you'd think.) Once it's ready, hold the heated mug to warm up your hands before you drink and warm up your belly. 


chili, vegetable, pepper, cayenne, salsa, jalapeno, pepperoni
Ellen Gibbs

Turning on the heat at home isn't the only way to warm up. Adding some temperature through spices and peppers is another good method. For a quick, easy meal all you need to do is break out the crockpot, throw in a few ingredients (including cayenne pepper sauce), and wait. This recipe for buffalo chicken lettuce wraps is great, because it brings the heat in a healthy way! 

Your Favorite Comfort Food

tortellini, dumpling, dough, ravioli, flour, pasta, cream
Natalie Beam

Whether you're a mac n cheese fan or in love with the nostalgic PB&J, your favorite comfort food is sure to make you feel warm inside. On one of those days when you're writing four papers, studying for a difficult exam, and feel like it's negative eighty degrees and just a sad time, pick up that one dish that makes you so happy. It will instantly get warmer.

The temperatures outside are dropping, but you're spirits don't have to! Try any of these best foods to warm up on a cold day. Stay toasty.