Hey there Upper East Siders. It's doomsday on 5th Avenue and we're reliving all of our favorite couples breaking up. And while New York City brings retail therapy to another level, it also has you covered for the best foods to get you through tearfully watching your dream Gossip Girl couple break up. 

1. Nate and Blair

Nate and Blair were groomed from kindergarten to get married, and their break up not only devastated Constance and St. Jude's, but it also left us heart broken. Because this is the first break up on Gossip Girl, my suggestion is to patch that broken heart up with classic chocolate chip cookies. The inner soft and gooeyness of Schmackary's cookies will mirror how you feel when you look back at all the beautiful moments Nate and Blair shared. 

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Natalie Beam

2. Serena and Dan

Nothing like opening up your elite circle of Upper East Siders to an outsider from Brooklyn, only to have our heart broken later. In honor of Serena and Dan's low-key and easy going relationship, my suggestion is to re-watch their cutest moments while stuffing your face with pizza. While there are thousands of amazingly famous pizza places in New York, some of the best slices are Lombardi's and Roberta's

3. Chuck and Blair 

With the reign of Chuck and Blair over, the rest of the city must find a way to eat their feelings away. The best way to memorialize this power couple is with one of New York's most iconic desserts, Magnolia Bakery's cupcakes. These classy creations are what make this bakery one of the top dessert destinations in the city, and will make you feel like Queen B can get over anything. 

4. Nate and Serena

Nate and Serena were supposed to be the second power couple of the Upper East Side. The only way to get through this break-up is by grabbing some popcorn and thinking about the couple that could have been. Pop Karma, a gourmet popcorn store in NYC, offers a multitude of flavors and mixes for all your emotions and moods throughout this break-up. Or you could make your own chocolate-drizzled popcorn to get both the salty and the sweet for all your feelings. 

5. Chuck and Blair (again)

It was enough distress that Chuck and Blair broke up the first time, but now again? To get through this second break up, and to console yourself for those few happy episodes where you thought they were back together for good, I suggest treating yourself like the Queen Blair is and getting macaroons. Ladurée macaroons are the all-time best, and only found in a select few cities around the world, including New York. So try to destress yourself just like Blair does with a bubble bath and some macaroons. 

6. Dan and Vanessa

Dan and Vanessa were supposed to be best friends for life, but when their relationship crumbled, sadly so did their friendship. So, while Rufus's waffles might not be able to mend their relationship, maybe mac n' cheese will. Whether you make it yourself at home or make your own combo at MacBar or S'MAC this fan favorite comfort food will get you through all the hard times ahead. 

7. Chuck and Blair (again and again)

Following Chuck and Blair's relationship is like riding an extremely emotional, rocky, and unstable rollercoaster. It seems like it's Gossip Girl's hobby to break our hearts over and over again, while giving us lots of false hope. To cling to our last bit of hope that Chuck and Blair can work things out forever, I suggest eating cake truffles from the Milk Bar. These dreamy creations are the perfect treats to get you through another Chuck and Blair break up. 

As sad as these break ups make us, the drama they come with and the hope that our favorite couples will get back together keep us coming back to Gossip Girl for more. You know you love me xoxo...