I get it that everybody loves Drake. I mean, how could you not? His effortless transition from Jimmy to Drizzy? That angular beard? Those killer dance moves in the hotline bling music video? Iconic. Drake is love, Drake is life. It was a sad and tragic day when word broke that Drake and Rihanna went their separate ways. 

I'm not saying Drake is above Rihanna though. Let's be realistic here no matter what your Views are, okay? She's kind of perfect and Pon de Replay was definitely your jam in 2005, don't deny it. If you're in search of the perfect foods to eat to help you mourn the end of Drihanna as we know it, I'll take care of you. Oh, wait... too soon?

If You Side With Drake

I know that perhaps you feel the need to be comforted after such a sad and sudden ending to a relationship that seemed so sacred. It was seven years in the making and it went down in flames. Ugh. 

poutine, bacon, cheese, pork
Alex Vu

"So cry if you need to, but I can't stay to watch you." Once the tears have dried, you might realize that you totally side with Drake on this one. He's your man, he's your guy, you own all his albums so he's basically your best friend. He may not want you to fight with him at cheesecake but who's to say he even eats cheesecake? Celebrate Drake's new found freedom with a traditional dish from his home and native land: Canada. A dish that gets amazing reviews from Canadians and tourists alike is poutine.

If you didn't know, poutine is French fries topped with cheese curds and dressed with gravy. You can get fancy with it though and add your own spin to the recipe with things like shredded meat, onions, or any other topping your heart desires. Check out this super yummy recipe and try it yourself. Or don't.

If You Side With Rihanna

Breakups are hard, and although this breakup is not yours, it somehow has everything to do with you. If you feel for the pop singer a little (or a lot) more than you feel for Drake, I've got you. 

In case you've been living under a rock since 2005, I'm going to take this opportunity to let you know that Rihanna is from the island of Barbados. If you feel like channeling her homeland in her honor, then I recommend whipping up some Flying Fish, which is the national dish of Barbados. It's cooked flying fish prepared with salt, pepper, and a little Bajan seasoning. The fish is typically fried or steamed with sliced onions and cherry tomatoes. It can be  served fried, steamed, baked, or pickled. In my opinion, anything that involves being salted or fried needs to be involved with my dinner plans too.

Who's to say who was Too Good for whom in this relationship? All I'm saying is that I'm excited for Drake to be single again because that means I have the slightest inkling of a chance with him. At least more than I did when he was taken. Sorry Riri.

Not sorry.