Whether you live in New York City or not, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade is a ninety-year-old Thanksgiving tradition. Some native New-Yorkers wake up early and flood the streets just to catch a glimpse of balloons that touch the sky.

#SpoonTip: Arthur was a parade balloon in the 90's way before he was a meme.

All of the balloons and floats at the parade are spectacular and amazing. But, obviously the food-related ones are better. If you want to see the whole line up, click here and make sure to tune in to NBC on November 24th at 9 am. If you want to see the food-related ones (which are obviously the most important), keep reading. 

Pillsbury Doughboy Balloon

This balloon will take you back to your childhood when you see this guy's pudgy white smiley face. Shoutout to this little guy for making baking easy for us lazy bakers.

Ronald McDonald Balloon

First of all, who else is shocked that Ronald McDonald is on Instagram? Anyway, your favorite fast food chain makes it into the parade too! The iconic face of the brand, Ronald McDonald has his own balloon, and drives a huge red shoe to boot (no pun intended).

Tom Turkey Float

It doesn't really get more Thanksgiving than this. A turkey float, in the Thanksgiving day parade, adorned in pumpkins and people dressed as pilgrims. This float is a staple that will always be in the parade.

 The Domino Sugar Float

When this float passes by, you can almost smell the freshly baked cookies. This float has an adorable train filled with cookies and other sweets—people dressed as cookies that is. Currently searching the internet for where I can get one of these cookie suits. 

The KFC Float

Everyone loves a good road trip to NYC, but none love it more than Colonel Sanders. If you think you love it more, one question for you: Do you have a parade float commemorating it? Didn't think so!

If you like what you see, make sure to tune in at 9 am on November 24th and watch the whole parade! There's gonna be many more balloons, floats and even performers like Daya and Time flies. This event is not to be missed.