With recently introducing all-day breakfast service at selected locations and advertising their healthier items, McDonald’s is making more effort than ever to survive the war on fast food. However, it is not only the local market that the giant burger chain has been pushing, but also, an international market.

McDonald’s currently serves customers at 36,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries. Have you ever wondered how the food chain adapts so well to a local culture on the other side of the world? Let’s take a look at what they are serving up to attract customers in 2016 around the globe. Unfortunately, we cannot get the items in the States, but at least we are allowed to have our eyes on them.

1. Australia’s Cadbury Cream Egg McFlurry

McDonald's, Global, Menus, 2016

Photo Courtesy of pinterest.com

With Easter approaching, Australian McDonald’s revealed a new flavor of McFlurry that’s a holiday must-eat. The Cadbury Cream Egg has a huge pool of fans especially in the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and it seems like it has an earlier debut in Australia than in the UK, the home of the Cream Egg. But don’t worry, British fans. McDonald’s UK tweeted to confirm that it will be at your local restaurants soon.

2. South Korea’s McBeer

McDonald's, Global, Menus, 2016

Photo Courtesy of tv.fooyoh.com

The company already serves alcohol at the selected outlets in the U.S. and Europe, but South Korea is the first country to have beer in Asia. This country is known as the “Ireland of Asia” since the South Koreans drink twice as much as the Russians. In South Korea, that’s just a way of life. You can only get one beer per a burger and you’re required to present an ID at a counter, so don’t head over to McDonald’s expecting to get drunk and indulge yourself in fries.

3. Singapore’s Paella Spice Breaded Salmon Burger

McDonald's, Global, Menus, 2016

Photo Courtesy of soshiok.com

McDonald’s is being very careful to the Singaporean’s change in taste and food choice, and clearly they heard the locals’ voice. This year’s new menu is a full of flavor and is very health oriented. A patty is made with a paella spice mix that includes salmon chunks, diced cheddar cheese and red and yellow bell peppers, completed a nutritious bun topped with oat flakes, linseeds, rye flakes and sunflower seeds.

4. India’s Maharaja Mac

McDonald's, Global, Menus, 2016

Photo Courtesy of famouschris.com

McDonald’s is celebrating 20 years of business in India. As a celebration and appreciation to customers, the chain is bringing a popular Chicken Maharaja Mac and Veg Maharaja Mac. These burgers look wild with two patties on the top of lettuce and onions. Indians call this a social burger, so grab one with some friends.

5. Japan’s McChoco Potato

McDonald's, Global, Menus, 2016

Photo Courtesy of zimbio.com

The Japanese McDonald’s never leaves us bored. Last year was a cherry blossom burger, and this year is fries covered with two types of chocolates, a hybrid of sweet and salty. We can definitely use this pleasure-loaded dish after a night out.