It’s April 1 aka April Fool's Day — a day full of practical and enjoyable pranks. Though I’m not a prankster, I do enjoy seeing what brands come up with to celebrate the day. If you’re like me, you probably started your day with the New York Times’ Connections only to be confused seeing emojis instead of words. Brands making jokes will always be refreshing, but sometimes you wish the joke was actually a reality. Starbucks may have recycled its Pupbucks joke, but nobody would be opposed to a storefront for dogs. Regardless, here are the best food-related April Fool's jokes made by brands.


Baskin-Robbins has jokingly entered the makeup industry with its new frosted-flavored liners and glosses. The three Frosted Flavors included Pink Bubble candy — a cotton candy lip liner and pink bubblegum lip gloss, — Choco Chip Glaze — a chocolate lip liner and chocolate chip cookie dough lip gloss, — and Strawberry Girl Glam — a strawberry cheesecake lip liner and very berry strawberry lip gloss.

Frosted Flavors lip combos would be a game changer, taking the time now to let Baskin-Robbins know I would buy all of these.

Bocce's x Cheez-It

Bocce’s and Cheez-It collaborated for treats for your pups. The duo definitely knows that this would actually be a great product, why else would they end their announcement, "Should we make it?!" The answer is yes, yes you should. 

Chicken Shop Date

Amelia Dimoldenberg rocks a golden dress to introduce L’eau de Nugget — a chicken nugget-inspired fragrance. In all honesty, this would be great merch for Chicken Shop Date. Who wouldn’t want to smell like a chicken nugget?

Chip City

Chip City joked about bringing biscuits to its menus. The thing is, this would be a crowd favorite. I need Chip City to say this is a joke because biscuits wouldn’t be a bad idea. The cookie brand is already dabbling in baking crookiescroissant cookies — so this could be a possibility??? 


So far the pizza chain has had two pranks. The first being removing pineapples as a topping option.

The next is from the UK profile, advertising frozen pizzas. 

Dunkin’, sorry DONUTS’

There isn’t a fake product in the works. The coffee chain opted to change its name instead. Now known as just DONUTS’, the chain will still be selling coffee and other items.


 A week ago, the beauty and skincare brand asked its audience on Threads what flavored lip balm to create. Some of the commenters asked for milk tea boba, tomato sauce, coffee, and flan, but ultimately, the brand chose alfredo sauce and cheddar cheese for the cheesiest duo lip balm. eos is committed to the bit also featuring the exclusive cheesy duo on its website, not for purchase though.

Kraft Mac & Cheese x Pebbles Cereal

The new mac and cheese is fruity pebbles flavored. The amount of comments wanting this nostalgic pasta dish and cereal combo to be true is slightly concerning.

“i wish it was real,” commented one user, “don't tease.”

I can’t fathom what a fruity mac and cheese would taste like.

Nestle Toll House x Hot Pockets 

Hot Pockets collaborated with Nestle Toll House for a “limited edition” chocolate chip cookie dough wrapped in a brown butter crust. In a world where people are revamping the chocolate chip cookie, I wouldn’t be opposed if the two brands actually created something this legendary.


Last year, Oreo opted for the packaging to have two sleeves of chocolate Oreo cookies with no cream filling, and the middle sleeve is filled with Funfetti frosting. 

This year, Oreo took it even further separating the cookie and the filling. The cookie brand went as far as deleting all posts on its Instagram as well as creating two new Instagram profiles (@just_the_wafer and @just_the_creme) for this announcement.


The Triscuit pillow has Triscuit minis woven into the pillow — a perfect pillow to rip off the crackers while watching a TV show or movie, but a terrible pillow because of the crumbs. 


WheatThins was “feeling cheeky” this April Fools. The company known for its thin crackers, hence the name, went the thick route for “WheatThiccs.” The block-sized crackers come in three flavors: lightly salted, salted caramel, and chocolate.