I have a bit of a confession to make. Unlike most kids, when I was growing up, my favorite tv channel was the Food Network. I would spend hours every day watching my favorite shows. I loved watching Rachel Ray whip up 30 Minute Meals, bakers create extravagant treats and displays on Cupcake Wars, and get my first foray into science by listening to Alton Brown on Good Eats.

Although food shows will always have my heart, l don't have as much time to watch TV anymore. Fortunately, I have discovered that podcasts are an excellent replacement. Not only do you learn a lot, but you can multitask while listening to them without fearing that you will miss out on some important scene. There are so many more reasons for listening to podcasts, but for now, here are my picks for the best food podcasts that you need to be listening to. 

Milk Street Radio

Hosted by noted cookbook author Sara Moulton and food magazine editor Christopher Kimball, this podcast is actually a radio show, meaning it follows a more traditional format. Episodes usually consist of an interview, followed by some recipes, a portion where listeners can call in to ask questions, and a story related to the food world. Some interesting episodes include one about the history of southern Italian food,  bakeries and the mafia, as well as why saffron has become such a lucrative crop in Afghanistan.

The Eater Upsell

Hosted by editor-in-chief Amanda Kludt of Eater, my second-favorite food website, every week this podcast focuses on something different in the food world. From interviews with food personalities like Giada De Laurentis, contentious topics such as the role of immigrants in the restaurant industry, and more lighthearted issues, such trends in ice cream.

Radio Cherry Bombe

This podcast combines feminism and food, which are personally two of my favorite topics. During every episode, the host, magazine editor Kerry Diamond, talks to prominent women in the food world. Each episode offers an interesting insight into the food and restaurant world from a different perspective. Some of their most compelling episodes include one on sexual harassment in the restaurant industry and another one with Martha Stewart


Formerly known as Foodstuff, this podcast is from the How Stuff Works company. Generally, they produce informative podcasts on a wide range of topics from weird historical topics to cars. Every episode, Savor usually focuses on the background of a different food or drink, which may include the history of the food, how the food is made, or the science behind the food. Some notable episode topics include cruise ship food, hummus, and my favorite ice cream topping, the maraschino cherry. 


Taking listeners on adventures all around the globe, this podcast focuses on the history and science behind food. From talking to the head of the UK National Food Crime Unit to visiting the US Army Natick Soldier Research, Development, and Engineering Center, this podcast allows you to experience the world through various foods, without ever leaving your couch.  

Bon Appetit Foodcast

Every week, the hosts interview a different person about food and how it relates to them. From celebrities to chefs, this podcasts talks to them all. Recently guests have been actor Jimmy O. Yang, talking about how food has shaped his life experiences, and model-turned-domestic goddess Chrissy Teigen, discussing her new cookbook. 

The Food Programme

Produced by BBC, this podcast from across the pond delves into various issues and topics surrounding the restaurant industry and food in general. Although not all the episodes may be especially relevant to American listeners, it still offers insight into fascinating topics that transcend borders, such as the future of street food, or the food stories of Syrian refugees.

Listening to podcasts is a great way to become (or at least feel like) a more educated person, and food podcasts are no exception. So the next time you're feeling bored on the bus, cleaning your room, or your Netflix subscription has expired, consider listening to one of these podcasts. Who knows, you might accidentally learn something.