Want a snack without all of the calories? There are eyeshadow palettes out there that look ~almost~ good enough to eat. Whether you like sweet or savory, there's a palette for you. These are the best food inspired eyeshadow palettes to make you look and feel like a snack.  

1. Glamlite Pizza Palette 

Just like a pizza, you can get this palette delivered to your door. The circular palette even comes in a pizza box. It comes with shades inspired by everyone's favorite toppings like pepperoni and bacon. And who would turn down extra cheese? And according to Glamlite's shades, pineapple does belong on pizza (it doesn't). 

2. Glamlite Burger Palette

Glamlite didn't stop with their pizza palette. Next, they created a burger palette; it brings the debate of whether to eat pizza or a burger to a whole new level. The best thing about the burger palette is that toppings aren't extra, even the avocado.

3. Etude House KitKat Palettes 

Etude House sells an original KitKat palette and a strawberry tiramisu palette, which is based off of a strawberry-white-chocolate flavor that is sold in Asia. Breaking KitKat's might be fun, but please don't break these palettes. If you have a desire to break them apart, just break the candy that comes in the packaging. Yup, that's right, the palette comes with a KitKat that matches the flavor palette you purchased. It also comes with a makeup bag for you to put the palette in, or more candy, (no one's judging). 

4. Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette 

Too Faced's Chocolate Bar Palette doesn't just look like chocolate, it smells like it too. The 16 pigmented shades have a 100% cocoa powder formula. Good thing the palette comes with three sample looks, because if it didn't come with instructions, you might think it was a snack. 

5. Buxom White Russian on the Rocks Palette 

Buxom's White Russian on the Rocks Palette can create the perfect look to inspire you to go out with your friends. The shadows have primer in them to help them last all night. But don't drink a White Russian while you're getting ready or your makeup won't turn out so well. 

6. Beauty Bakerie Game of Cones Palette

Beauty Bakerie's Game of Cones Palette is a palette fit for a queen ~Daenerys should sit on the iron cone.~ This palette combines Game of Thrones, makeup, food, and puns (so all of life's essentials). Not all of the shadows are named after food, but some is better than none. 

All of these eyeshadow palettes turn beauty time into snack time, and that is something I can 100% get behind.