I am a self-proclaimed Disney fanatic. I love anything and everything Disney. I go to Disneyland almost every year, and my bucket list includes visiting every Disney park around the world.

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Madeleine Mason

If you relate to any of the statements above, you're probably a Disney fan like me. You count the days until your next trip to Disney, spend day and nights dreaming of Dole Whip, and watch Disney movies in your spare time. All Disney fanatics know that Disney parks have the best food. From giant turkey legs to delicious churros, Disney always has delicious grub to offer. I can't tell you how many times I've dreamed about digging into one of those specialty caramel apples

Here, I've rounded up the best Disney food blogs for you to read whenever you find yourself wishing you were on Main Street. Turn on your favorite Disney tunes and get ready for some good reads.

1) The Disney Food Blog

The Disney Food Blog is my favorite Disney related food blog. They do a great job of rating all of the restaurants at Disneyland and Disney World, reviewing new menu items, and giving Disney dining tips and tricks. They also post recipes to classic Disney dishes, like the S'mores Bake from Big Thunder Ranch BBQ (where Star Wars Land now calls home) and the seasonal Gingerbread Bengiets. I can always count on DFB to give me updates on my favorite dining spots, seasonal dishes, and advice on all Disney food related questions.

2) The Healthy Mouse

Let's say you're a bit of a health nut and you want to stay away from some of the more decadent Disney food options. Look no further than The Healthy Mouse: a blog dedicated to healthy, Disney inspired recipes and scouting out healthier options at the Disney parks. Here, you can find breakdowns of vegan, gluten-free, and even clean eating options at the Disney parks. Or, if you want to bring some Disney into your everyday life, there are tons of healthy recipes inspired by different Disney movies and characters. Check out these clean, gluten-free Matterhorn Macarons or this vegan cinnamon toasted Mickey cereal.

3) Oh My Disney

At Oh My Disney, you can get all your Disney related news straight from the mouse's mouth. Under their food tab, you can find a hodgepodge of food articles and quizzes. You can discover which Disney character you are based on your dessert preferences or read about the best eats on a Disney cruise

Hopefully, these will tide you over until the next time you make your way to a Disney park. If all else fails, try making this homemade Dole Whip for a whole new world of Disney flavor.