Known to many as the most magical place on earth, Disney World is also home to some of the most magical snacks on earth. A day in the parks flies between meeting characters and waiting in line for rides, leaving little time to sit down for lunch. Luckily, food trucks and vendors are scattered throughout the parks, providing quick and filling options to keep you going when the mid-afternoon slump hits. 

This past spring break I visited Disney World with my roommates, assessing the different snack options and picking my favorites. Grab your Mickey Mouse ears and prepare to eat your way through Disney. 

1. Mickey Mouse Pretzel

bread, salt, pretzel
Maureen Perry

Nothing screams Disney quite like the face of Mickey Mouse. Both quick and filling, a Mickey pretzel can be found in any of the parks, and the lines are never too long. With the right ratio of carb to salt, a Mickey pretzel will keep your stomach from growling until dinner. 

2. Churro

Maureen Perry

Warm fried dough coated in cinnamon sugar that will make you rethink ordering dessert at a restaurant. As an easy, hand-held snack, churros can be eaten quickly while running across the parks or waiting in line for Space Mountain. 

3. Popcorn

Nothing draws out hunger pains like the smell of popcorn. Buttered and salted like the movie theaters, popcorn is the perfect snack to settle your stomach before the big drop at the Tower of Terror. With the refillable souvenir buckets, you can fill up your bucket for your entire stay at the parks for just $1.50 each time. 

4. Funnel Cake

While the lines for funnel cake might be longer, it's certainly worth it for the freshly fried, hand-sprinkled Disney Delicacy. Opt to share with a friend or finish it by yourself, whatever makes your dreams come true. 

5. Mickey Rice Krispies Treat

Whether you take your Rice Krispies Treats plain Jane, coated in chocolate, or drizzled with caramel, there's an option for you at every park. They'll conveniently satisfy that mid-afternoon sweet tooth and package nicely to bring home for friends and family (or eat on the plane ride home). 

Disney offers many options for even the pickiest eater throughout the parks, but I found my favorites to be the easy, classic treats that satisfied my hunger without leaving me feeling bloated. Go ahead, grab a pretzel before starting that 120 minute wait for Splash Mountain, you'll be glad to have it.