One of the best parts of college, aside from getting a degree, is the socializing that happens after the sun goes down. Everyone has their favorite college bar, but we're here to decide which ones are the best in the country. So look no further, here is a list of the best college bar in every state. 


University of Alabama: Gallette's

Famous for Yellow Hammers, Karaoke Tuesdays, Wine Wednesday's, and specials every week, this bar is the hangout for students on game days. 


University of Alaska Fairbanks: The Marlin 

Going to college in the cold of Alaska certainly means that you need a place to warm up with some friends on a Friday or Saturday night. The Marlin gives Fairbanks that place, with a cozy atmosphere that mingles locals and students alike. 


Arizona State University: Casey Moore's Oyster House

A laid-back college bar full of history and tradition, Casey Moore's is Located in a neighborhood close to ASU. The ambience, daily specials, and drinks make this a great place to spend your time.


University of Arkansas: Sideways

A dive bar with over 60 beers on tap that makes their own ginger beer in house, you'll find students playing pool here and drinking their weekends away.


University of California, Davis: Froggy's Bar and Grill

The reported home to the blowjob shot (not sure I want to know), this bar has the reputation of the best place for karaoke and to play liar's die. 


University of Colorado Boulder: Dark Horse

Perfect for college students, Dark Horse offers good beer prices, cheap food, and games out back. Don't forget to try one of the local brews served here.


Eastern Connecticut State University: Sports Bar

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Amy Miller

Always full of college kids, and named the best college bar in the area, students come here for wings and burgers. There are TV's, pool tables, and enough alcohol to serve your heart's desire.


University of Delaware: Klondike Kate's 

Known for it's pitcher nights, this bar is located in Newark, and is a great stop for college students who love their beer. This bar features railroad-station style decor, as well as classic American drinks and food. 

District of Columbia

Georgetown: The Tombs

Always a good time, with different specials every day, this bar is the place to be for any students with colleges residing in the nation's capital.


University of Southern Florida: Mr. Dunderbak's 

This bar is German biergarten-themed, so college students can dive into the world of Oktoberfest without having to pay the price of plane tickets. Their beer pairs perfect with their German specialties while listening to the live music offered. 


Georgia Institute of Technology: Prickly Pear Taqueria

The Taqueria features margaritas, Mexican fare, DJ nights, salsa classes, and boasts about its 100+ tequilas. Good luck not dying tonight.


University of Hawaii: Rock Bottom Sports Bar & Grill

RB stands for Rock Bottom — so you know how your night is going to end here. And no wonder, Happy hour is from 2-8 pm on the weekdays.  


University of Idaho: Corner Club

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Melissa Miller

Famous for it's tubs, this place is another great spot to relax, watch the game, and maybe down a dozen beers.


University of Illinois: Kam's 

Not described as the best place for service or ambiance, students go to Kam's for the wild party. Order a blue guy — a private label blue energy drink mixed with a very, very low shelf vodka. It will save you from the memories you don't want to remember.


University of Indiana: Kilroy's on Kirkwood

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Anna Arteaga

According to students at Indiana University, this bar is home to locals, where everyone knows your name. On Thursdays, $3 is not only the price of drinks, but also the cover charge, and with that you get a free T-shirt with a different design every week.


University of Iowa: Brother's Bar 

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Michelle Miller

Located in Iowa City, University of Iowa students take advantage of mug nights and cheap drinks on Thursday nights. A word of advice - go when this restaurant is a bar only if you want to be swarmed by college kids. 


University of Kansas: The Wagon Wheel

Apparently a list of the best college bars in America would not be complete without this. Seems like I'll be making a trip to the University of Kansas soon.


University of Kentucky: Two Keys Tavern

College students all swarm to Two Keys for beers and fishbowls, especially on game days - basketball, for UK students, not football. The drink deals are perfect for a college budget, and occasionally students can look forward to live music. 


Tulane University: The Boot

A favorite of Tulane students, this bar is open till 6 am every night - which leaves plenty of time to get your fill of drinks and your fill of college students having a great time. 


University of Maine: Bear Brew Pub

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Taylor Wright

Located in Orono, this bar offers made-in-house brick oven pizza, as well as two for one pizza Tuesdays, 35 cent Wing Wednesday's, and bartenders that are reportedly the best around.


University of Maryland: Cornerstone 

According to UMD students, this place is a hit with all students for the best happy hour around. They also offer $1.50 drinks every Wednesday - what more could you ask for?


University of Massachusetts Amherst: The Hangar Pub and Grill

Apparently the place to be for 21st birthdays, this pub draws college students with game nights and trivia competitions, as well as enough specialty ales to satisfy even the most avid beer consumer.


University of Michigan: Good Time Charley's 

For fishbowls in giant mason jars, look no further. Be sure to follow the monthly rotating drink specials with the reportedly 'best chili fries known to man'. Seems like the kind of place you can't go wrong at.


University of Minnesota: Library Bar and Grill

liquor, tea, ale, alcohol, wine, beer
Michelle Miller

Near the University of Minnesota campus, Library Bar & Grill offers a nice place to watch any sports games you desire, with plenty of TVs and a good tap beer selection. 


Ole Miss: Funky's Pizza and Daiquiri Bar

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Christin Urso

With alcoholic ices named after celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, this bar seems like the place to be for students at the University of Mississippi.


Mizzou: McNally's Irish Pub

Mizzou students can extend their weekend with $1 beer pints on Mondays at McNally's. But then again, they have happy hour every day of the week so you're always bound to catch a deal here. 


Monstana State University: The Haufbrau Bozeman 

You've got great live music, $3 Moose Drools, and students decked out in beanies, flannels, fleece leggings, and Sorels in the dead cold of Montana winters. Where else will you find this?


Creighton University: The Blue Jay Bar

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Abigail Wilkins

Half-priced drinks on Wednesday's have been renamed to 'Wednesjay's" by the college students at Creighton University. Sounds like a great way to get through hump day to me.


University of Nevada, Reno: St. James' Infirmary

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Vickie Nguyen

Eclectic mixed drinks, a rooftop bar, a great beer selection, even an old-fashioned juke box — this bar puts the funk back into Reno.

New Hampshire

Dartmouth: Murphy's on the Green

Dark wooded panelling and shelves filled with books in this gastropub matches the ambience of the college town surrounding Dartmouth. Located right next to the college, you'll probably see some college students stumbling home a few drinks into their night.

New Jersey

Rutgers University: The Olive Branch

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Hana Brannigan

Located near Rutgers, this bar is known for $2 Tuesdays, and 50 cent pizza slices during happy hour, Monday-Friday. If you think that's cheap, pair it with the $1.50 Coors pints, and you've got yourself a college student deal like no other.

New Mexico

University of New Mexico: Marble Brewery

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Lexi Vaughn

One of Albuquerque's finest establishments, don't shy away from trying the flight that includes six beers of your choosing. There's absolutely no food inside, so don't forget to eat before you go, unless you want to stop by the always rotating food truck that's located out front.

New York

Colgate University: Old Stone Jug

Theme nights, specialty drinks, Karaoke... What more could you want? If you want to hang with the college crowd, you'll find Colgate students here all weekend long.

North Carolina

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill: Top of the Hill

A restaurant, brewery, distillery, and event space all in one, Top of the Hill doesn't disappoint. The drink deals are affordable, as you can get a pretty strong IPA for $5 - and you'll be feeling good after just one. 

North Dakota

North Dakota State University: Dempsey's Public House

Some may think that North Dakota doesn't have much of a night life, but Dempsey's is the exception. Karaoke, live music, and artisan pizzas keep students at NDSU warm and happy during the long winters near the border. 


Miami University: Brick Street Bar and Grill

Brick Street has been known to bring some of the biggest stars in country to their stage (think Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line, Thomas Rhett and Sam Hunt) as well as other popular artists like A$AP Rocky and The Chainsmokers. But other than their epic concerts, Miami University students go here for the Saturday day drinking and iconic Trashcans — a mix vodka, gin, rum, triple sec, blue curaçao sour and Red Bull. 


University of Oklahoma: Logie's On The Corner

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Josh Hodges

A favorite in Norman, OK, drink specials and fun games make this a great place to catch up on your sports games, as well as a comfy place to rest in case you toss a few too many back.


University of Oregon: Taylor's Bar and Grill

Jordan Shea

Promoted as a collegiate sports-centric haunt, you can bet that the majority of U of O will turn out at Taylor's to watch the games every Saturday, and you can also bet you'll see some college co-eds downing their vodka crans like they don't have a care in the world. 


West Chester University: Jake's Bar

coffee, beer
Sharon Cho

Located in West Chester, this dive bar opens up around 8 am for games and $1 beers — perfect for college students on a budget. 

Rhode Island

Brown University: Grad Center Bar

Students at Brown don't have to go very far to get to RI's best bar, as Grad Center is a basement lounge at Brown featuring pool, darts, and a great list of draft and bottled beers. 

South Carolina

University of South Carolina: The Whig

Here in Columbia, at The Whig, you'll find $1 slices, discounted liquor drinks during happy hour, 75 cent Taco Tuesdays, and cheap pints every hour of every day. Well played, Columbia. 

South Dakota

University of South Dakota: Carey's Bar

A favorite of both students and locals, Carey's has been in its downtown location for almost 50 years. With a beer garden, great music, and a fun local environment, Vermillion seems pretty great to me. 


Vanderbilt University: Lonnie's Western Room

The best place to go get trashed and sing like you belong on Nashville, according to Vanderbilt students. But because it's Nashville, there's actually a lot of talented singers, so don't be surprised if the next big country thing shows up to sing their heart out, with a few drinks in them, of course.


University of Texas at Austin: Cain and Abel's

This bar attracts Longhorns to West Campus with pub food, a large tap beer selection, TV's, and a large patio to spend your always-warm Texas nights at.


University of Utah: Squatter's Pub Brewery

The flagship of this microbrewery in Salt Lake City crafts seasonal and year-round beers, and is also the home to the best brunch and Bloody Mary's in SLC.


University of Vermont: Manhattan Pizza and Pub

The best college bar in America, according to the state of Vermont, boasts great pizza, great live music, and even greater booze. 


University of Virginia: Boylan Heights

Located in Charlottesville, supplying UVA students, this bar has a drink named after the school mascot, the Wahoo, as well as TV's for watching sports, build-your-own burgers, and tots and fried chicken bites. This place has got it all, drinks and food. 


Washington State University: The Coug

Any bar that opens at 10 am for football on Saturdays wins the heart of the college students nearby. The Coug does just this, and also delivers the friendliest bar staff who inspire a dedication to this establishment in students long after graduation. 

West Virginia

West Virginia University: Mario's Fishbowl

College students are constantly looking for deals, and Mario's delivers 10 times over. Monday is dubbed Cheap Beer Night, Tuesday is Wing Day, on Wednesday's you can get a Philly and a frosty Fishbowl for $9, and Thursday's offer a "Bowl and a Burger" for just $10. 


University of Wisconsin-Madison: The Kollege Klub

Known as the best place to pregame since 1953, this bar is perfect to watch the game, and celebrate at the same time. For blurry nights that you THINK are fun, be sure to get the Long Island Ice Tea — it's legendary.


University of Wyoming: Front Street Tavern

Front Street offers meals from Sweet Melissa's next door to fuel your binge-drinking episodes. They also offer a daily beer menu, plus a huge list of specialty drinks, including their signature mint mojito. 

Now that you've gotten the list of the best college bars in America, where do you think you'll go to school?