After a long day spent in class, what sounds better than curling up with your laptop to binge watch your favorite TV show? Try adding a binge-worthy bowl of candy to the mix and you're on your way to a perfect evening.

Living in the city makes it difficult for college kids to partake in typical Fall activities, like apple-picking or and taking Instagram pictures at a pumpkin patch, but the post-Halloween sales at the countless convenience stores on every block make candy-buying an easy after-class activity. Before you head back to your room, grab a pack of these candies depending on the show you’re about to watch.

Friends — M&M’s

Get a group together and pile up on the couch with a bowl of this shareable candy. Whether you only like the greens or you only consume by the handful, I can’t think of a candy better for sharing with your friends.

Gilmore Girls — Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

Even if you’ve only seen one episode of Gilmore Girls, you know that coffee runs through Lorelei and Rory’s veins. Instead of grabbing your regular Starbucks drink, munch on some chocolate covered espresso beans and maybe the added caffeine will help you stay up by watching this show and procrastinating that paper you should be working on. 

Orange is the New Black — Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Is the bigger crime indulging in a king-size pack of reese’s or being sentenced to a year and a half of in prison? Whether Piper deserves her sentence or not, nobody should feel guilty snacking on Reese’s Cups.

Grey’s Anatomy — Twizzlers

While they slightly resemble blood (too graphic?), this is a fitting snack to eat for a drama show that’s set in a hospital, because what better candy to reflect a series with constant plot-twists? And, spoiler but, it’s pretty twisted of the show-writers to constantly kill-off the most beloved characters.

Gossip Girl — Rosé Gummies

Attending galas, drinking champagne, shopping at Barney’s on the regular: all relatable activities every high-schooler does, right? Well at least on the Upper East Side. Live the boujee life of Serena, Nate, Chuck and Blair with a box of rosé gummies and forget that you’re actually sitting in your dorm room and not in a penthouse.

Scandal — Hot Tamales

There’s a certain fieriness needed to thrive in D.C. like Olivia Pope, which is why Hot Tamales fit perfectly with this show. The kick of cinnamon delivered by just one of these spicy jelly beans will compliment the thrilling story-line of this political drama. 

Stranger Things — Sour Worms

What’s more out-of-this-world than a packet of gooey, neon critters? Chew on these alien-like creatures when you’re watching all the supernatural adventures of this unordinary crew of kids.

Game of Thrones — Junior Mints

Whether you’re in a medieval fantasy world or in your dorm room, popping any kind of mint-related candy into your mouth leaves you with a chilly feeling. Just like House Stark knows that “Winter is Coming,” you know that right when the chocolate of a Junior Mint melts away, the white-as-snow peppermint center is about to leave your mouth feeling icy-cold.

Big Bang Theory — Nerds

Need I say more?

Next time you’re walking home from class, take advantage of the holiday season and pick up some candy to pair with your favorite shows.