We are all super busy, overly stressed out, and not nearly caffeinated enough college students who sometimes don't have the time to get coffee in the traditional (aka boring) ways. But, that can't (and now won't) stop us from getting our daily doses of caffeine- we got things to do.

Latte Gummies

Nope, this isn't just a dream- even though these latte gummies are everything you could have ever dreamed  about. Not only are they adorable and pre-made for any busy morning, but they make us feel like a kid again while getting the caffeine we need to be adults.

Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans

Chocolate and espresso wrapped into a bite size snack? Sounds like a match made perfectly for a stress-out college student. Since these beans are as easily transportable as they are delicious, they have become my no-fail solution to staying energized all day long.

Chocolate Espresso Protein Balls

These chocolate espresso protein balls are the morning pick me up you have been searching for. The protein will keep you full and focused while your professor drones on and on, the chocolate will satisfy your sweet tooth, and the espresso will keep you running from class to class all day long.

These are just a few of the many caffeine-packed, non-traditional coffee treats that all of us college students desperately need. Now if only conquering the rest of your day could be this easy... and delicious.

Looking for more inventive ways to get your daily dose of caffeine? Check out this spoon article and never be a college student without a buzz.