Brunch is a meal designed for college students. It’s late enough so you can sleep in after crazy nights, it includes big portions so you can skip Bruff for lunch, and if you walk to and from the restaurant, you can skip the trip to the gym later. While this sounds like a dream come true, there is one major issue: brunch can get pricey fast. Have no fear, here’s a list of the best brunch options within walking distance from Tulane that won’t break the bank.

Waffles on Maple

Waffles on Maple is a great option for both sweet and savory brunch. Well known for being a fully Kosher restaurant, this hole in the wall combines friendly service with delicious treats that push the boundaries on brunch (if the chefs prepare the waffle with ice cream on it, I’m not about to be the one to tell them that it’s too early for dessert). With an extensive list of waffles for all under $11, there’s still room for coffee or fresh juice.

Rue De La Course

Known for its delicious coffee and peaceful ambiance, Rue De La Course offers tasty bagel sandwiches for only $8.50. Personally, I believe, you can never go wrong with any of their freshly crafted coffees. But, I’d recommend the cappuccino for a foamy and slightly bitter treat, or the caffe mocha for if you're craving sweet and creamy. If you’re hoping to turn your brunch into a long study session, this is the perfect place for you.

Good Bird

Now we can’t forget about my personal favorite, avocado toast. A true brunch isn’t complete without it. While it is known for it's sandwiches and salads, Good Bird has a delicious avocado toast addition to the brunch list. They offer their avo toast for only $6, which is a steal in my mind. With a price like this, you’re free to sweeten your brunch with a smoothie like the Pink Flamingo or Toucan Sam (both for $6 each) and still come in under budget.


No surprise here, but Toast also has great breakfast toasts at very reasonable prices. But, their menu doesn’t stop at the name. Hailed for the aebleskivers that Tulane students love, Toast also offers delicious omelettes and crepes that make for a fantastic brunch. I’d recommend grabbing some friends, splitting some aebleskivers, ordering your own dish, and giving yourself a high five for staying under budget. 

French Truck Coffee

If you’re willing to walk the short hike over to French Truck Coffee, I guarantee you won’t regret it. From the second you step up to the eye-catching yellow house, your mind will immediately start thinking of all the aesthetic pictures you can take. This lively backdrop has amazing coffee and great brunch options. Hot or iced, all of the coffees are delicious and will fuel you for a full day of studying. For breakfast, I’d recommend the french toast with espresso cream or the maple bacon toast. Pair these with the New Orleans iced coffee for an amazing brunch that will leave both your stomach and wallet full. 

So, next time you’re craving something a little fancier than Bruff eggs, head off campus and splurge without wrecking your budget.